Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BLOGMAS || 2017 Resolutions + Goals

Hello Loveliess ! 

The year of 2016 is almost over and it has been all kinds of crazy right? Where has the last 12 months gone? I sat down to write a reflection of the year and well, I don't have much to reflect on, I haven't achieved a lot this year which is pretty sad. 
I thought I'd write a little post on the things I want to achieve next year. 

  1. Continue saving hard for my mortgage deposit!We've done pretty well this year, I always thought I was rubbish at saving but turns out, I'm doing okay. Hopefully we have enough by summer time to start looking for our own proper home to buy. How exciting ! 
  2. Raise some money for charity
    I really want to give back to the charities and organisations that have helped me and my family over the years. I aim to partake in an event (Something fun but challenging) to raise money for amazing causes and help others who need it.
  3. Lose some weight
    I know EVERYONE says this every year (Guilty) but I really do have to shift some weight in order to be healthy, my weight is something I've struggled with for years and years and it's beginning to cause problems. I just need to find the right program to help me along the way. Any recommendations are welcome! 
  4. Spend more time with friends and family
    I really don't spend time with people who matter the most, most weekends I sit around doing nothing when I could visit my incredible grandparents or pop in and see my crazy cousins. There's no excuses really! 
  5. Be happy at work
    Who knows where I'll end up working this year, I might still be in nursery, I might be nannying, I might just decide childcare isn't what I want to do anymore. Wherever I end up, I just hope I can wake up and not dread going to work, wouldn't that be nice.
  6. Continue blogging 
    Blogging is something I started back in September and it's something I've really fallen in love with. I've spoken to so many lovely people, had great brand opportunities and enjoyed writing again. I hope my blog journey grow and I get to interact with more of you lovely readers.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2017?
Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love


  1. For you something fun but challenging, have you tried a run? my best friend did one a little while back it was for female cancer and she had to do a obstetrical course type thing, it was pretty fun to watch too!x

  2. I live these goals so much as they are all so achievable! I don't know if I can help with the losing weight but I can help with the motivation as that's one of my goals as well so maybe we can inspire each other? Great post lovely :)

  3. Oh bless we've been saving for a deposit too! It's not that far away but I've only just started blogging full time and my boyfriend went back into education so we're on hold a little bit! I've got my fingers & toes crossed for you xx

  4. I wish you an amazing 2017! have a good evening!

  5. Loving you 2017 goals! Similar to mine. :)

    xo, Patty

  6. Absolutely lovely post! x


  7. I really want to be successful and my new year resolutions :D ...wishing you much love, success and a happy safe 2017! x


  8. These resolutions are so similar to mine haha! I went to the gym really regularly up until September and now I hardly go - I definitely want to get back into it in January x