Monday, 30 January 2017

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Hello loveliessss

This post is something a little bit different but ever so important.
So this week has seen "Cervical Cancer Awareness Month" and I thought it would be an idea to spread the message and raise awareness too. I've been researching and finding out the facts for you and hopefully you'll learn something along the way.

Every day in the UK, 9 women are diagnosed with the disease and most commonly, it effects women aged between 35-40. That's not to say us younger girls are safe. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women do not go and get tested, I find that figure so shocking! 25% of our female population are in the dark about their health.

Cervical Cancer symptoms.
- Light/spot bleeding before or after your period
-Bleeding after sexual intercourse
- Bleeding after the menopause
-Pain during intercourse
- A change in vaginal discharge.

The symptoms of cervical cancer are the same as a lot of other female related issues so if you have these symptoms, don't fear the worst straight away. Just get yourself booked in for a test.

Lets discuss the taboo subject of smear tests. 75% of cervical cancer is detected through a simple smear test with your local nurse. The test takes around two minuets and could literally save your life.
Okay, so the smear is a very invasive test, and not at all pleasant but I promise you its worth it. You'll be asked to lay on your back and the nurse will insert a small speculum , the speculum will open and the nurse will able to reach your cervix. A long brush type swab is then inserted and a sample of cells will be taken from your cervix. The speculum  is removed and it's as easy as that. The test doesn't really hurt, it's just a slight scratch inside but doesn't last any longer that 5 seconds.

Who can be tested?
Once you reach the age of 25 it is advised you get a smear test every few years, you'll receive a reminder through the post when it's time for testing. Women under the age of 25 can be tested earlier if your experiencing problems. It's not recommended to get tested before you've become sexually active as the test may be more painful and uncomfortable. If you have a family history of cervical cancer, you can also be tested early. 

Your sample will be sent to a laboratory and tested. You can get your results 5 days after your test by ringing the surgery you visited. If your results come back clear you won't have to get tested again for another 2-3 years (Unless you've been recommended otherwise) If there is an abnormality found in your results, don't panic! A smear will detect any abnormalities in cervical cells but that doesn't always mean it's cancer. Book an appointment with your doctor to discus your results and take it from there. 

My story
When I was around 19-20 years old, I experienced continual vaginal bleeding for 10 months straight.and I was back and forth with doctors and gynaecologists trying to find the problem. I kept being told I was too young for a smear test and they put off testing me for 6 months. As the symptoms continued and I was experiencing horrendous cramping and pelvic pain, I began looking up my symptoms on like and that made everything worse. I told my doctor that I WANT to be tested, just to rule out cancer and put my mind at rest. He granted my request and I was booked in with a lovely nurse who was gentle and helped calm my nerves by explaining everything to me. 5 days later I rang up for my results and I was told there was an abnormality on my cervix. Obviously, I freaked out and feared the worst. The following week I met with the doctor to discuss my results and I was told that a mosaic pattern of cells has formed on my cervix and it was explained that I'd need to undergo a very minor procedure to get them removed and told that if left untreated they could develop into cancerous cells. Obviously this was terrifying but there was no way I wasn't going to have this procedure. After a few weeks I visited a clinic at my local hospital with my mum and I met with a specialist. He was by far the best medical professional I've had and talked me through absolutely everything. He could tell I was extremely anxious but made me feel more comfortable with the whole thing. The procedure took around half hour (But it felt like  life time) An aesthetic spray  numbed my insides and an odd looking tool (like a slingshot) was inserted. This tool scraped off the cell pattern using an electrical current and I was in and out within an hour. The procedure was incredibly uncomfortable and undignified but it potentially saved my life. I'm so thankful for the amazing team of professionals at Lister hospital gynaecology department for making everything a lot easier to deal with.
After that, I had to have regular smear tests every 6 months for 2 years, just to make sure the cells didn't return. It's now been 4 years and I'm all in the clear. 
The moral of the story, A simple smear test detected something that was potentially life threatening. Remember, YOU know your own body and it something isn't right. Don't let people tell you that you're too YOUNG. Cancer has no age, get yourself tested.

Support teams.
There are so many support networks and charities around that help women and offer advice and information. I've listed a few below.

Hopefully you've learned something here and I hope you're all going to go to your next smear test. It's not as bad as you think, I promise. If you have any questions or need advice pop me an email and I'll do my best to help.

I'd really appriciate if you could share this with your girl friends, just to spread the awareness.

Kisses and Love


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Benefits of coconut oil

Hey loveliess!

Over the last 12 months I've seen a serge in posts about coconut oil based products but I was really interested in learning more about how versatile the natural oil is and discovering all the many benefits it has to offer. 
During an excursion in Dominican Republic back in April,'16 I got to venture round some plantations and small home run factories that grow an produce coconut oil. I was really intrigued and decided to purchase some completely raw coconut oil to use back home, and I'm so glad I did!
Let me share with you how amazing this natural oil is

Beauty related benefits

Natural make up remover.
The oil will gently melt your make up away, removing even the toughest water proof mascara.
Body moisturiser 
It's no secret that coconut oil is a fantastic moisturiser for all over the body, particularly if you have dry sensitive skin.
Stretch mark cream.
Most creams aimed at removing and reducing stretch marks contain oil but are blended with all kinds of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals which is no good long term. I've personally noticed a difference on stretch marks from using coconut oil.
Tame frizz.
I use a small amount and focus it on the ends of my hair to keep it silky smooth and frizz free.
Anti dandruff
Sometimes mixing up my hair products causes my scalp to become dry and therefore results in dandruff, using a small amount to massage into my scalp helps combat dandruff.
Natural teeth whitening
Forget peroxide and UV lights, grab some coconut oil and mix with baking soda and you'll have a set of gleaming pearly whites in no time
Cutical oil.
If your nails have seen better days, apply some oil around the cuticals, it will make them easier to push back and remove.
Lip balm/Scrub
Pop some on your lips to make them super soft of mix in some soft brown sugar to create your own edible lip scrub. 
Anti ageing
Packed with loads of anti-oxidants, reguarlly applying coconut oil to your face will help fight the signs of aging while keepig your skin hydrated and glowing.
Make up Brush cleaner
Swirl your brush in some coconut oil and rinse with warm water, your brushes will look good as new.

Health benefits

Improvements to materialism
The fatty acids found in coconut oil are quickly absorbed and helps burn more calories.
Relives skin irritation
From bug bites, sunburn and eczema, use a generous amount on affected area's, Coconut oil contains anti inflamatired that reduce swelling and itching.
Infection control
Studies have sown that virgin oil contains antibacterial properties that help fight infections.
Liver health
Recent studies suggest that coconut oil can help protect the liver from damage related to alcohol and toxins.
Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid which is a main nutrient in supporting the immune system.

  • Cooking with coconut oil is a healthier and vegan friendly alternative to butter.
  • A safe natural lubricant, you know if that's what you're in to
  • Mothers who breastfeed can take 3/4 spoons a day to increase milk supply
  • Remove stickiness of stubborn labels and tape, thank me later.
  • New tattoo? Apply over your fresh ink to keep it moisturised and itch free.
  • An effective furniture polish.

I think you'll agree there are loads of amazing benefits and purposes for this fabulous natural substance. I use coconut oil all the time day to day for loads of items mentioned above. You can pick some up really cheap from supermarkets and drugstores. Choose organic, fair trade and natural.

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading
Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 2017 Liebster award.

Hey loveliesss !!
Welcome back, I hope you're all having a great week. Keep smiling, it's nearly Friday !
I had a notification on Instagram saying I've been nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Kayde who runs the blog Onlywishinganddreaming, Thank you for the nomination darling, it was really sweet of you and brightened up my day. 

I had to look into the Liebster award more as it's something I didn't know much about but from my understanding it's a virtual award to bloggers to other blogs in the aims of helping everyone be discovered by new readers. What a great idea, especially for new bloggers like myself. I've posted the rules below. 

The rules for accepting the Liebster Award are as follows;
  1. Thank the person who has nominated you for the award and post a link to their blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. *NEW* Write a 150-300 word post about one of your favourite blogs that is not your own.
  4. Post 10 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve this award with and provide links to them in your post.
  6. Answer 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.
  7. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  8. Let your nominees know that you have nominated them for the Liebster Award.
My current favourite blogger: Mollie quirk from The perks of Mollie Quirk.. Her blog is one I've been reading for ages now, her writing is always so well put together and she has the best flatlay's. Everything Mollie posts is of interest to me and she just seems like a genuinely lovely girl. Hop on over to her blog now and you'll see what I mean.

Ten facts about myself.

1. I sleep half way down the bed with my hand touching the wall..
2. Footloose is my favourite ever film
3. I believe in life after death
4. I once ate a whole block of cheese for a dare.
5. I used to be in love with Gareth Gates.. (Remember him? ewww why)
6. I'm obsessed with Aero chocolate
7. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland
8. I'm a firm believer in karma
9. I feel like a different person with make up on
10. My cats are legit my best friends #Crazycatlady

Mollie quirk - Theperksofmolliequirk
Amy - Blogmoo
Eleanor May - Eleaanormay
Kirsty Hoggons - Mecupcakesandtea
Primose - Style petal
Evie O'Hara - evangelineohara
Devon Metcalfe - Devonmetcalfe.
Natasha - beautybynatasha
Louise - Jeezlouisexo

Questions I was asked

1. If you could get any tattoo, what would it be and why?
So, I already have a a couple of tattoo's but if I was to get another one it'd be something Disney or cat related because both of them things make me smile

2.Where would you like to travel to?
I'd love to explore the Caribbean more, I'm lucky enough to have been to Dominican Republic twice but I'd love to see what the other islands have to offer. Also, Bali is on my list of places I'd love to go. Anywhere hot tropical and paradise really.

3.What are your blog goals this year?
Create and share some personal posts that will hopefully help and inspire my readers.
I'd love to dabble in fashion related posts more too.

4. If you could have any three people (Dead or alive) over for tea, who would it be and why?
So, first up I'd invite Nicki Minaj. I'm a massive fan of hers, she is a strong confident woman and I love that. Next it would have to be Walt Disney, because that would be incredible. Lastly probably Jeffree Star because he slaysss!

5.What is your greatest achievement?
I hate these questions because I'm really self critical and I'm sitting here thinking about my achievements and there's nothing that really stands out, nothing significant or amazing. 

6.Who is your idol, and why?
I don't really have an idol if I'm being completely honest. There's nobody I look at and think "yeah I wanna be like her" I just wanna do me, y'know.

7. What Disney princess best represents you, and why?
The obvious answer would be Jasmine right? Na, we only share a name. I guess it would either be Aurora because I sleep a lot

8. If you could be anything, what would it be and why?
100% gotta be a cat. I see the good life my cats have, I wanna piece of that.

9.What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have quite a few, I find loads of things really irritating but I think the thing that winds me up the most is overly clumsy people, like what are you even tripping over?

10. Do you have any bad habits you want to kick this year?
So many! I wanna stop biting my nails, quit eating soo much crap and being unorganised. 

11.What's your dream burger combination?
Probably, a mixed grill, in a bun, with cheese..loads of cheese *Dribbles* 

Questions for my nominees to answer.

1. If you had to live a day in the life of anyone, who would it be?
2. What is your biggest fear?
3.If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. Have you ever had a dream that has come true?
5. What qualities do you look for in a friend?
6. Would you rather be a Mermaid or a Unicorn?
7. Who is your biggest inspiration?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. Who is your celebrity crush?
10.Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
11.Why is a raven like a writing desk? (Just for fun)

Lets stay connected.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Naturelle cosmetics -Chocolate orange coffee scrub

Hey loveliess!

This week I've been testing out a chocolate orange coffee scrub from Naturelle Cosmetics so if you'd like to know my thoughts then please keep on reading.

I'll start by telling you a bit about the company. 
The brand is a family run business based in the UK that aims to provide completely natural beauty solutions across Europe. All their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free (which I love.) Ingredients used are 100% organic and paraben free. There's also a team of industry experts on hand to help you chose the right products for you.

I quite like the simplicity of the scrub packaging, its basically a resealable envelope that's foiled inside for freshness. I haven't seen packaging like this around and I love something a bit different. It's easy to store, I just keep this on top of my bathroom cabinet and it's not super bulky 

When I opened up the pack I was hit with a beautiful coffee scent that was slightly zesty and a touch chocolatey. Now I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love the smell! It's not too overwhelming but you can definitely tell it's coffee based.  

Coffee robusta seed powder, Coffee Aribica seed powder, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, ground almond seed, Orange oil, Cocoa seed butter, Organic fragrance, water.

How to use
There were no instructions included on this pack on how best to use the scrub so I kinda used trial and error and found it easier to wet my hand then dip it in the pack, the product stuck to my hand and I used that amount. I rubbed the scrub all over my body in circular motions towards the centre of my core then rinsed off with warm water. I applied the scrub all over my body, avoiding my face and intimate area's. I focused the scrub on area's I get most of my dry skin such as elbows, knees. heels and ankles

I used this scrub over a few days and I'm really impressed at how quickly I noticed the huge difference in my skins appearance.
Day one-  My skin felt a lot less flaky 
Day two- My skin felt smooth all over
Day three- My skin felt really fresh smooth and nourished.
Day six- the appearance of cellulite on my legs has hugely improved 

It's a bit messy to use in the shower and my first attempt found scrub all over my bath, apply slowly so it doesn't splash everywhere. If you're happy for your bathroom to smell like Starbucks for a few hours after then this if for you!

I've fallen in love with this product and everything the brand stands for, I'd 100% recommend this to everyone I know!

Where can I find more?
You can find the Chocolate orange scrub here, Or you can visit the Naturelle cosmetics website on the link below

Hopefully you've enjoyed this review, let me know what you'd like to see for my next post in the comment section below.

Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product on a gifting basis to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Naturelle cosmetics for the collaboration opportunity.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Top tips to unwind

Hey loveliesss!!

I ran a poll on twitter and asked what you guys would like to see as my next post and you chose "How I like to relax" Thank you to everyone who voted ! 
Let's get started shall we?
So, we all live very different yet busy lives and everything can seem quite fast paced, so it's really important to take some time out of your day and just do something calming that you love. I'm sharing with you a few things I do to unwind from the day.

Some people don't understand why adults colour, let me tell you. It find it a form of creative expression and you can completely focus your mind on colouring. I used to colour quite a lot when I felt stressed. I'd take my pencil case to and book to work with me and spend my lunch time in a quiet nearby field colouring. Something about it is really relaxing and that's what I love. 
There are so many different intricate and beautiful books around at the moment, my favourite are "animal kingdom" by Millie Marotta, and my Disney princess anti stress book.

Bubble baths
I do love a good bath, with candles and bubbles. It's the perfect was to end a long day at work. Something about being in water is soothing to me but I'll often get interrupted by the cat sitting on the edge dipping his tail in and swiping at the bubbles.

Since I started blogging I've found that it's a really effective way for me to focus my mind on writing about things I love. When I'm not writing I'm catching up on all of your posts which again is equally effective to forget the day to day stresses of life and gain inspiration for posts too.

Some times a face mask and and a nice body butter can be just what I need. I got loads of soap and glory products for Christmas to try so I'm fully stocked up on my pamper essentials. It's nice just to take some me time and do something girly as a pick me up.

Disney films.
I'm a huge Disney fanatic and I've loved all the classics since I was small. My favourites are Beauty and the Beast (Who else is excited for the remake this year!) and Mulan. I love to just get cosy in my PJ's, whack on a disney film and just chill on the sofa, usually with a chocolatey snack.

I 100% blame my boyfriend and his brother for getting me into call of duty. I've never really been into gaming but somehow I got hooked.. I guess your probably thinking its a little odd because it's quite a violent game, but I love playing and I play to win!  I do play less aggressive games on my iPad like the sims and cooking fever but I found all the cheats and they aren't as fun anymore.

Cuppa tea and TV
Can't beat a good ol' cuppa tea while watching Eastenders of an evening. Milk and two please 

I've always been a stress-head and a worrier so it's important for me to take some time out just to chill.. How do you like to relax and unwind, let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Blogger tips for beginners

Hey Lovelies

I thought I'd mix my posts up this week, I've recently done a load of beauty related content which I've loved but I thought I'd add this little post into the mix.

I've been blogging around 4 months now, it's been really great interacting with so many of you and reading/creating content which I'm interested in. Writing and photography has always been a strong interest of mine and the blogger world is a lovely blend of both which is what hooked me. 
Before I started my blog I used to read a lot of other peoples and always kinda wanted to start my own but was worried of what everyone would think. Then in September I took the plunge and never looked back.

To be completely honest, when I first started my blog I had no idea what I was doing, like none what so ever. It was only through trial and error I kinda learnt my way and it's only been 4 months and I'm in no way a pro at this, but I think I'm doing alright.. 
I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of the things I've learnt along the way that might inspire you to start your own blog, or simply help increase your traffic/followers.

Choosing your blog name.
This is quite important because it's something that will stick with you throughout your blogging time. For 11 years now my friends have known me as "Jazziepickles" so it only seemed right to make that my blog URL. It helps if all your social media have the same name as your blog too so bare that in mind.

Creating your content.
This is YOUR blog, and you can write about whatever you want to. A lot of my posts are beauty related because that's an area I'm really interested in and love to read about myself. but you can create your own niche. Just make sure whatever you write is completely honest, and always check for spelling and grammar mistakes (I'm guilty of not proof reading sometimes) Try to get your writing style and personality across in your content too, it will help you stand out and if people like it, they'll come back to your blog.

You do not need a fancy camera and equipment to take good photo's, I don't. I use the camera on my phone and that seems to work alright for me. Photography is an area in my blog that I really want to step my game up with. Professional looking images grab peoples attention and makes them want to read your content. Try and use your own photo's, if you take an image from another site make sure you have permission to do so and credit who it's from.
When it comes editing photo's, again you don't need fancy expensive software like Photoshop, I use a photo editor built in to my phone and only change around the light, contrast and exposure. Too much editing can change the entire photo making it not true to life.

Blog traffic.
Now you have content and images, I'm guessing you'd quite like some people to read it? There are endless groups floating around the internet on social media that you can join to share your links. I'm a part of a wonderful twitter chat group that has members just like me. Similarly with Instagram, I have a few groups of girls I chat to regularly and we share our links with each other as well as tips and advice. 

Social media
Priceless when it comes to the blogger world. Increasing your followers means more people are likely to see your blog promotion. Twitter is where I post regularly and it really helps increase my blog traffic. By following people who interest you with their work and have a similar niche, you're likely to get a follow back. Social media also has a big part to play when it comes to working with different brands, the wider your social outreach the more likely you are to get work.

Key words and #Hashtags
This is how people will come across your content when running searches. If you're a beauty blogger like me you can use #bbloggers and #beautybloggers, seems obvious but it's really effective. Key words that relate to your posts also help people to stumble across your work.

Working with brands
Blogging comes with perks like working with brands. They might send you an item to review or pay you to write a post for them (Sponsoring) 
If that's something your interested in then make sure your contact details are clearly visible on your blog and across your social media platforms. Someone may want you to help promote something but if they struggle to contact you, they'll move on to someone else. If your lucky enough to be approached by a brand, make sure you've read all of their requirements before accepting an offer, some companies will try and mug you off if they can. 

This is something I learnt only recently. When you create a link on your page to a website, there are two options, a "do follow" link and a "no follow" link, each are very different. If your link is a "do follow" you're basically telling search engines you trust the website linked and it will help boost their position in search engines (SEO- Search engine optimisation) and a "no follow" link will just be a straight link to the site and won't count towards SEO. It's important to know the difference, especially when writing sponsored content.

Be consistent.
Try and post your content at the same times each week, regular readers will know when to come back to your site. I post twice a week at the moment (except December when I attempted blogmas) Once midweek and once at the weekend, usually Wednesdays and Saturday's. Obviously you'll work to a scheduled that suits you.

So that's a round up of my basic tips for beginners, hopefully you found this helpful.

Thanks for being here
Kisses and love 

Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 beauty favourites

Hey loveliess

So I thought I'd round up the year with a post including a whole years worth of beauty favourites instead of a December favourites.  You've probably seen most of these products mentioned in a previous post but if they've made the list, they've served me well. Grab a snack because this is a long one.


MAC Studio fix fluid NW 13
I've loved this foundation for years and years, it's the only full coverage foundation that doesn't look and feel heavy on my skin. The colour match is perfect for me and it blends into my skin like a dream. I've tried other MAC foundations and they don't have the same effect.

Make up revolution blush palette "hot spice"
This little palette contains 8 shades of lovelyness to chose from and they all seem to work well with my skin tone, I use this blush on a day to day basis and I don't seem to reach for anything else when it comes to adding a flush of colour to my face. Two of the shades double up nicely as a higlight too.

LOreal infallible primer
Replaced my smashbox primer which is a huge deal, I love how this feels on my skin and all my base make up sits perfectly on top and doesn't move all day.

Collection lasting perfection concealer "Fair"
A product all bloggers are probably sick of hearing about but I'm mentioning this for good reason. It does a fine job of brightening my under eyes and covering imperfections. For the price you can't go wrong and it's something I'll purchase for a long time to come. (forgot to add this into the photo above because it was in my bag)

Real techniques miracle complexion sponge
A staple in my collection! I get a smooth even base with this sponge and it doesn't soak up all my foundation like regular sponges. I love how to can get different finishes depending on HOW damp the sponge is. I don't know what I'd do without this sponge now.

Maybelline fit me foundation
This is my day to day foundation and it does just what I need it too, the coverage is medium but really buildable and blends well into my skin creating an even matte base.

Make up revolution contour kit.
I struggle with finding a contour shade that doesn't look muddy on my skin and this one seems to work well. The highlight shade is subtle yet gives a pretty glow but can be made more intense on top of a cream highlight. I don't really tend to use the blush shade, its just a bit too pink for me.

Freedom fixing spray.
Once I've done my entire make up, I spritz this all over my face just to set everything and keep it in place. Works really well for me.


Benefit roller lash.
I could talk about this mascara all day, I wont, but I could. It's the best mascara I've ever used (Bold statement) but it just really curls my lashes, give my eyes dimension and captures lashes I didn't even know I had. 

Maybelline lash sensational 
In my opinion the best drugstore mascara out there at the moment. Another product I use day to day and I love how it opens my eyes right up and doesn't crumble after a few hours

Barry M dazzle dust.
I used to use these when I was a teeny bopper but I've recently added a few pale shimmers to my collection, they're really good for adding some glamour to an eye look or just adding a small amount to the inner corners can really make a smokey eye pop

MAC "lingering" brow pencil
Perfect for outlining and defining my brows, the tiny nip makes it super easy to create natural looking hair strokes at the start of my brows. This pencil should be in everyone's collection for sure.

NYX eyeshadow - fantasy
I'm a big fan of NYX cosmetics and this shadow is no exception, its the ideal colour for my crease and blends like a dream. 

Rimmel exaggerate liquid liner 
The blackest of black liners available in the drugstore, I've used the liner since forever and I still love it to this day. Super easy to change the thickness of your liner and define your eyes. Love love love this.
Maybelline master precise eyeliner
Recently discovered this liner when I won it in a giveaway and I've fallen in love with it. It's like a felt tip pen which is great for winged liner novices like myself. Super precise as the name suggests and I've already bought a new one for when this runs out.

Glitter eyes loose glitter pot in "Mocha shine" 
Such a pretty glitter, I'm obsessed. This was my glitter of choice at Christmas time because I found it really complimented my nude lips and looked super glam on my eyes. Search hooked up shop for more shades! 

Amazing shine lashes- 43
Pretty whispy lashes that finish off any eye look, this set fan out towards the end which I love. The band on these is really flexible and they're so easy to apply. Huge fan of these lashes, deffo on my repurchase list.


MAC Velvet teddy.
2016 was the year of the nude lip and this shade was made popular by Kylie Jenner. It was a must have in my over flowing collection of nude lip sticks. The shade is something that will suit any skin tone and the creamy matte formula lasts all day and all night. 

MAC Honey love.
Another matte nude shade from MAC, very similar in colour to velvet teddy and an absolute dream to wear, doesn't dry out my lips and lasts all day.

Make up revolution- chauffeur.
ANOTHER nude but at a more affordable price point. The quality of this lipstick is amazing and the rose gold packaging is stunning. 

NYX mega shine lipgloss 
This is a really pretty shimmer gloss that looks stunning on the top of any nude lipstick. The formulation isn't sticky or heavy either. This gloss smells like cherry candies and sweets which I'm obsessed with. 

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker - rose and shine
A pretty natural pink shine gloss that's perfect for every day wear. This gloss has a slight tingle which helps make my lips look fuller and more plump. I love the clever play on words soap and glory does with their product names too.

 Jeffree star liquid lipstick - androgyny
Probably my favourite lip product of the year. I wear this all the time now and it literally lasts all day. One swipe even application means the product lasts so much longer, I'm so glad beauty bay now carries Jeffree star cosmetics, you'll be seeing a lot more of them on here this year.


L'Oreal elvive extraordinary clay shampoo and conditioner 
I now only use these products to wash my hair. The work so well because they're designed for oily roots and dry ends which my hair is. The shampoo lathers up and leaves my hair squeaky clean while the conditioner smooths my hair and gives it a soft glossy finish. 

L'Oreal elvive nutrigloss conditioning shine spary. 
To my knowledge this is discontinued but you can buy some on amazon. I swear by this spray, no other shine spray actually leaves my hair shiny but not greasy and heavy. If you can get hold of this I'd 100% recommend picking it up. It's become a holy grail in my hair care routine.


L'Oreal pure clay mask. 
I tried this recently and my only regret was not trying it sooner. I wrote a full review HERE if you want to find out more.

Garnier miceller water.
Every blogger and their dog has written about this product this year and it seemed only fitting to add it to my beauty favourites. I love how gentle this is and doesn't irritate my overly sensitive skin.

Garnier fresh clarifying wash.
I used this wash every day in the shower for the most part of the year. It helped reduce blackheads, breakouts and imperfections while leaving my skin feeling super clean.

Soap & Glory vitamin C face wash
This is now what I use with my cleansing brush to clean my face. It's so refreshing and smells incredible. Soap and glory do some of my favourite products and I'm so glad I picked up this face wash.

Electrical Cleansing brush.
This is a real game changer for me. I've wanted one for ages and finally got one for Christmas, I've only had it a short while but it's so good I couldn't not mention it. You can read a full review on this brush HERE

So that's a round up of my favourite products this year. Please let me know what yours are in the comment section below. 


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

L'Oréal detox clay mask

Hey loveliessss !!

So, now Christmas is over and we've made it to 2017 who has eaten too much food and drunk to much alcohol? #Guilty 
You skin is really effected by what you put into your body and  because of the festive season, my skin is feeling a bit dehydrated and unloved. I thought I'd treat myself to a little detox mask. I heard a lot of good reviews about this mask from L'Oreal so I thought I'd give it a try. I use the extraordinary clay shampoo and conditioner so I'm hoping this is just as good. 


L'Oreal have added ingredients such as natural clay and black charcoal which acts as a magnet to pull out impurities from your skin and pores leaving it feeling purified and beautiful. The mask is a really thick consistency that makes it easy for me to apply. It comes in a glass jar that isn't too chunky and the packaging is simple yet feels expensive. There are two other masks in the range, a glow mask and purity mask. If you're a fan of mix masking this would be ideal for you.

I applied an even layer across my face using a clean old foundation brush. The thick consistancy of the mask made it super easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way. I left the mask for 10 minuets to dry down and and extra 20 minuets to work its magic.

While the mask was drying, the product was penetrating deep into my pores around my nose which is wear I tend to get more black heads. Once the mask dried my skin felt tight and I could hardly move my features without it cracking, but I like that in a mask.

After half hour I rinsed off the mask over the sink with warm water and a flannel, obviously avoid getting any of the product in your eyes and mouth. I towel dried my face gently and walked over to the mirror. MY GOD my face looked so much clearer, just from one application. My skin felt tight fresh and completely clear. 

I'm really impressed with this mask and how it left my skin feeling. I picked this up on special offer for only £6 and I've seen better results from this than I have more high end mud masks. I'm going to be adding this into my skin care regime that's for sure and if you suffer with problematic skin I'd 100% recommend this. You can find it in most UK drugstores and supermarkets as well as online.

Let me know your favourite masks in the comment section.
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