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Benefits of coconut oil

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Over the last 12 months I've seen a serge in posts about coconut oil based products but I was really interested in learning more about how versatile the natural oil is and discovering all the many benefits it has to offer. 
During an excursion in Dominican Republic back in April,'16 I got to venture round some plantations and small home run factories that grow an produce coconut oil. I was really intrigued and decided to purchase some completely raw coconut oil to use back home, and I'm so glad I did!
Let me share with you how amazing this natural oil is

Beauty related benefits

Natural make up remover.
The oil will gently melt your make up away, removing even the toughest water proof mascara.
Body moisturiser 
It's no secret that coconut oil is a fantastic moisturiser for all over the body, particularly if you have dry sensitive skin.
Stretch mark cream.
Most creams aimed at removing and reducing stretch marks contain oil but are blended with all kinds of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals which is no good long term. I've personally noticed a difference on stretch marks from using coconut oil.
Tame frizz.
I use a small amount and focus it on the ends of my hair to keep it silky smooth and frizz free.
Anti dandruff
Sometimes mixing up my hair products causes my scalp to become dry and therefore results in dandruff, using a small amount to massage into my scalp helps combat dandruff.
Natural teeth whitening
Forget peroxide and UV lights, grab some coconut oil and mix with baking soda and you'll have a set of gleaming pearly whites in no time
Cutical oil.
If your nails have seen better days, apply some oil around the cuticals, it will make them easier to push back and remove.
Lip balm/Scrub
Pop some on your lips to make them super soft of mix in some soft brown sugar to create your own edible lip scrub. 
Anti ageing
Packed with loads of anti-oxidants, reguarlly applying coconut oil to your face will help fight the signs of aging while keepig your skin hydrated and glowing.
Make up Brush cleaner
Swirl your brush in some coconut oil and rinse with warm water, your brushes will look good as new.

Health benefits

Improvements to materialism
The fatty acids found in coconut oil are quickly absorbed and helps burn more calories.
Relives skin irritation
From bug bites, sunburn and eczema, use a generous amount on affected area's, Coconut oil contains anti inflamatired that reduce swelling and itching.
Infection control
Studies have sown that virgin oil contains antibacterial properties that help fight infections.
Liver health
Recent studies suggest that coconut oil can help protect the liver from damage related to alcohol and toxins.
Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid which is a main nutrient in supporting the immune system.

  • Cooking with coconut oil is a healthier and vegan friendly alternative to butter.
  • A safe natural lubricant, you know if that's what you're in to
  • Mothers who breastfeed can take 3/4 spoons a day to increase milk supply
  • Remove stickiness of stubborn labels and tape, thank me later.
  • New tattoo? Apply over your fresh ink to keep it moisturised and itch free.
  • An effective furniture polish.

I think you'll agree there are loads of amazing benefits and purposes for this fabulous natural substance. I use coconut oil all the time day to day for loads of items mentioned above. You can pick some up really cheap from supermarkets and drugstores. Choose organic, fair trade and natural.

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  1. Oh I love a good coconut oil. I used it for a while for oil pulling and it did really good to my gums - I just haven't found a good shaped tub so stopped. Like I wish it came in a toothpaste form so it's easier to use it for it. xx

  2. Woow I never knew coconut oil could be used for soo much! Recently everyone seems to have jumped to use it, but I have yet to use it myself. At least it's a product you can use for different things, very universal.

    Gemma |

  3. I am completely and utterly obsessed with everything coconut based.

    Style & Life by Susana -

  4. I knew it was good but never this good! This is such an informative post! Luckily we always have in the house :)

  5. Coconut oil is just the best!! Gorgeous smell too xx

  6. Coconut oil is seriously life!! I use it for everything.

    xo, Patty

  7. Coconut oil is such very beneficiary . great post .love using coconut oil in my DIY's .