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Fortune favours the brave palette - First impressions.

Fortune favours the brave. A pallet from make up revolution and the British beauty blogger

Hey loveliess, welcome back! Today I'm sharing with you my first impressions on this palette from make up revolution. If you read my blog often you know I'm a huge lover of this brand, they do some of the best quality eye shadows at a really affordable price. I've wanted this palette for a while now and I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas.

As you can tell, the packaging is stunning. It comes in a sturdy sleek palette that's a bronzey gold colour with the name of the pallet and a cute gold logo. Inside the palette is a huge mirror which is really beneficial and it comes with a double sided, soft bristle brush, not one of those spongy things we all chuck in the bin 

Inside, there's a good mix of matte and shimmer colours, 30 in total. The was a slip of clear plastic over the top with all the shade names, but me being me, I've lost it already. I seem to remember the shadows had really pretty names though. 

I've used this palette twice now and it seems to have the same amazing pigmentation the rest of the palettes have and the colour pay off on the lids is amazing. The shadows are super easy to blend and the colour range in this palette is enough to create loads of glam or natural looks.

I used this palette to do my Christmas make up, unfortunately I didn't get a picture because the day was so hectic but if you'd like me to recreate the look using this let me know in the comments and that can certainly be a post in the future. 

My favourite shadows from the palette are the bronze and gold shimmers, I'm really into a shimmery glam eye look at the moment and these perfect for that. Also the second shadow in on the left, bottom row doubles as a beautiful highlight for inner corners and cupids bow. It's a frosty snow colour with marbled gold, absolutely stunning.

I think this palette retails for around £10, and to me that's an absolute steal for the quality. If you see this in your local superdrug its well worth picking up. You won't be disappointed. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post
Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

DISCLAIMER : This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Affordable electric facial cleansing brush

Hey Loveliess !!

So, we've all seen those electrical pulsating cleansing brushes around the internet and I was curious as to how it worked. My friend Chloe (You can find her videos here) recommended me one and I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas. 

I've used it every day since Christmas and incorporated it into my daily skin care routine. I've never used anything like this before so this review will also be a kind of first impressions too. I suffer with dry skin and break outs so I hope this helps.

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My Christmas in photos

 Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a really magical Christmas ! 
I've decided to share with you some pictures from Christmas in my house hold. I didn't get as many pictures as I'd like but I think I captured some fun 

Mum's Christmas tree

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BLOGMAS || Why I've given up on blogmas

Why I've given up on Blogmas..

Hey loveliess !

So, Unfortunately, I've stopped Blogmas this year. I spent hours and hours during November to create content to take the pressure off this month and be more organised. I decided to do Blogmas as a challenge to myself and increase my blog traffic. 
And while this has happened and helped me out loads, as the days have gone on I noticed my page views were getting less and less and I was stressing about having something to post. 

As Chrismas gets nearer there's more and more things that need doing, buying and wrapping gifts, visiting my family and clearing out my home.

I read through my last few days of content and it wasn't at a high standard which is probably why my views were on the decrease. I don't want to post content you guys aren't into, And I don't want to just post rubbish for the sake of it.

That's why I've decided to stop this year. I'm happy I completed 20 days of Blogmas and thank you to everyone who took time out of your life to read and comment on my posts.

I'll still post for the rest of December but it just won't be everyday. Hope you lot understand!

Well done to anyone who is doing Blogmas this year and completes the whole 25 (or more) days. You guys are awesome !

Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BLOGMAS || 2017 Resolutions + Goals

Hello Loveliess ! 

The year of 2016 is almost over and it has been all kinds of crazy right? Where has the last 12 months gone? I sat down to write a reflection of the year and well, I don't have much to reflect on, I haven't achieved a lot this year which is pretty sad. 
I thought I'd write a little post on the things I want to achieve next year. 

  1. Continue saving hard for my mortgage deposit!We've done pretty well this year, I always thought I was rubbish at saving but turns out, I'm doing okay. Hopefully we have enough by summer time to start looking for our own proper home to buy. How exciting ! 
  2. Raise some money for charity
    I really want to give back to the charities and organisations that have helped me and my family over the years. I aim to partake in an event (Something fun but challenging) to raise money for amazing causes and help others who need it.
  3. Lose some weight
    I know EVERYONE says this every year (Guilty) but I really do have to shift some weight in order to be healthy, my weight is something I've struggled with for years and years and it's beginning to cause problems. I just need to find the right program to help me along the way. Any recommendations are welcome! 
  4. Spend more time with friends and family
    I really don't spend time with people who matter the most, most weekends I sit around doing nothing when I could visit my incredible grandparents or pop in and see my crazy cousins. There's no excuses really! 
  5. Be happy at work
    Who knows where I'll end up working this year, I might still be in nursery, I might be nannying, I might just decide childcare isn't what I want to do anymore. Wherever I end up, I just hope I can wake up and not dread going to work, wouldn't that be nice.
  6. Continue blogging 
    Blogging is something I started back in September and it's something I've really fallen in love with. I've spoken to so many lovely people, had great brand opportunities and enjoyed writing again. I hope my blog journey grow and I get to interact with more of you lovely readers.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2017?
Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

Sunday, 18 December 2016

BLOGMAS || Jennis beauty lashes Review

Hey lovelies 

Christmas is so so close I can't believe this time next week it'll all be over for another year. 
Today I'm bringing you another lash review, this time from Jenni's beauty lashes. I didn't plan on doing this post but it's something I need to share !

I have the "Victoria" lashes from the angel collection. They're natural looking lashes that add volume and slight length while framing my eyes and finishing off a look. The lashes are made with 100% human hair so they look more natural when on.

Let me start by saying how lightweight these lashes are. I had them on all day and I totally forgot I was even wearing lashes. They were so comfortable and stayed in place all day.

I really love the thin band of the lashes, It was super flexible to fit around my lash line and   practically invisible when on. The lashes fit my eyes perfectly so I didn't need to cut any off which was perfect. 
The false lashes blend in really well with my own, it wasn't obvious I was wearing them. My natural lashes are fairly long but not very thick so these Victoria lashes were exactly what I needed to add some thickness and volume. 

The packaging of the lashes are great. They come in a handbag size plastic box that's sturdy enough to keep your lashes safe. The lashes don't include adhesive so you'll need to have some on hand. 

To summarise I'm absolutely obsessed with these new lashes and I think they'll be using them all the time. These lashes are so affordable but don't skip on quality. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for new lashes. 

If you'd like to get some lashes for yourself or a loved one you can find them here
There are 4 styles to choose from, or you can purchase the whole collection

Hope you've enjoyed this post
Thanks for reading 
Kisses and Love

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored and the products mentioned were purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own

BLOGMAS || My Christmas tree

Hey lovelies !!

I've seen a lot of these posts floating around and I love seeing how pretty everyone decorates their tree and where they get their dec's from so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. It never feels like Christmas at home until we've put the tree up. As a kid I loved decorating the tree with my brothers. Mum would sit there with her hands covering her eyes because it looked pretty awful. We came down the next morning and magically everything has moved and the tree looks more presentable. Did anyone else's mum do that?

My tree is 6ft tall, artificial with snowy branches. I bought this tree when me and Shane had our first Christmas in our little flat 4 years ago. It's still in absolutely perfect condition. We got our tree from ASDA and we only paid £40 for it, which I think is a bargain. They still sell these trees, so if you're interested for next year, here the link.

Our decorations were a complete steal as well. I got a big pack of silver baubles with three different finishes for £6 in primark. Some of them are glittery, some are shiny and some are matte. It was the perfect amount to cover our entire tree. Last year I spotted the tiny baubles in B&M's and picked them up to add some more sparkle to our tree.

I don't use tinsel on my tree, I just didn't think it looked right. I much prefer loads of baubles and lights instead. I got our lights from home bargains, they're blue in colour and have 6 different settings on them. They've also lasted 4 years and there is no faulty ones. 

Our tree is topped with a snowflake/star, I'm not really sure. Maybe let me know what you think it is in the comment section. Another item from home bargains but I think it's super pretty and festive. 

That concludes my Christmas tree post. I hope you've enjoyed it. If you have any post's on your tree's leave the links down below and I'll give them a read. 

Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

Friday, 16 December 2016

BLOGMAS || 2016 in pictures.

Hello lovelies

A round up of my year in pictures. I've tried to do these in chronological order and added dates where possible for you.
Enjoy xo

February 11th, I celebrated my 23rd birthday

February 19th. My nephew was born <3

April 29th - May 13th. Revisited my favourite place on earth. (Dominican republic) 

June 11th. Mine and Shanes 5 year anniversary

June 18th, Coldplay live at Wembley. That was pretty special !

June 24th, was lucky enough to see two beautiful friends become husband and wife

July 23rd. A messy night out with the work girls 

August 9th. George's 10th birthday and nan and grandads wedding anniversary 

September 3rd. I started my blog :) 

September 21st. I finally found the courage to get a fringe cut. 

October 11th. Me and Chlo went to see Justin Bieber live!! 

November 11th. A ridiculous night out with my favourites. 

November 25th. Mums birthday meal 

December 11th Christmas tree goes up

December 12th George's school Christmas Carol service 

I know the year hasn't finished just yet, but I plan to do a Christmas post with all my photo's from the day so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

Thursday, 15 December 2016

BLOGMAS || What Christmas means to me.

"It's the most, wonderful time, of the year"

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. I love the hustle and bustle of people rushing around the shops, the smell of sweet candy, a town covered in twinkly lights and celebrations to be had with the most important people.

Family time

Christmas has always bought my family together and there's nothing I love more than spending time with my crazy bunch of cousins and my darling grand parents. We come together to exchange gifts, catch up and reflect on the past year. It's rare we're all together because everyone has busy lives but it's always good fun!

I'm lucky enough to have a stepdad (Del) who makes the BEST roast dinners with all the trimmings. For Christmas, Del pulls out all the stops, tender juicy turkey, crispy roast potatoes, pigs tucked up in a delicious bacon blanket, tasty stuffing and infamous flavoursome gravy! It's the meal I spend all year waiting for and I always eat so much I need to sleep it off after! 
Also, Christmas morning is an acceptable time to have chocolate for breakfast, usually a few bars from a selection box or a festive shaped chocolate character. 

Who doesn't love getting presents? Every year I get spoilt from my mum and boyfriend. They always buy things that they know I'm going to love and I can always tell there's been thought gone into it. Similarly, I spend a lot of time thinking about what to get for other people, I like my gifts to be personal and I love seeing their faces when they open it. 

Christmas TV and Films.
Getting snugly on the sofa with my boyfriend and watching a film is perfect. I love Christmas films, they always make me feel so festive and build up my excitement to the big day! Eastenders is my favourite show on TV and every year they have dramatic story lines leading up to Christmas, which keep me hooked! Can't wait to see what they're planning this Christmas. 
A full list of my favourite Christmas films coming in another BLOGMAS post soon!

Some of you may know that I work full time in early years and watching the children's excitement grow through the month of December is so much fun. We do loads of fun festive activities with them and everyday I come home covered in glitter! Working with children during the festive season helps keep my Christmas spirit alive and puts the sparkle back into Christmas.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

BLOGMAS || 2017 bucket list

Hello Loveliess

Can you believe how quickly this year has gone, as we wave goodbye to 2016 it's time to set some goals for the new year. I don't feel I really achieved anything significant this year so hopefully by setting myself some goals, this time next year I will have loads to tell you about.

Lets get to it..

1. Give blood. I think this is one of the most important selfless and kind things you can do.  I've thought about it for a long while and I think it's time, I've checked the criteria and I seem to be okay to donate. I'll keep you all updated but in the meantime if it sounds like something you'd like to do then have a look over the website.

2. Scrap book my year. I'm going to sound really old when I say this but everything these days is digital, everything is online. I'd like to have a book of memories to keep and look at when I'm old, something to show the grand kids maybe?

3. Complete a charity event. I wanted to do that this year but just never did. I'd love to challenge and push myself while raising money for a charity close to my heart.

4.Finish an entire colouring book I have so many laying around it's time I spent some "me time" to finish them off. I find colouring so relaxing and it's a good way to escape from day to day life. 

5. Lose 20lbs in weight, and keep it off. I have constant battles with my weight and have done for years. It's time I felt comfortable and confident in my own skin, I'd also like to join an exersise class to help improve my fitness. 

6.  Digital detox for a weekend. This would be so so hard for me, I'm constantly glued to my phone or the TV. I think a detox would do me some good and enable to to spend quality time with my close friends and family

7. Visit a psychic I know so many people who have been and said it's incredible, I believe in that kinda thing so I'm curious to go myself.

8.Keep a "lady diary" So I can track how things are going in that area, record any abnormalities and get to the bottom of this pain 

9. Swim in the sea, naked. I know it sounds weird but it's something I've always wanted to do. To be completely care free within my favourite form of nature.

10. BUY A HOUSE. I haven't been saving my arse off for the last 18 months for nothing y'know.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

BLOGMAS || A Christmas TAG

Hello loveies! I thought I'd share with you a little Chrsitmas tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie? 
The Santa clause. Who wouldn't want there dad to be Santa!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
As a kid, we used to open presents from Santa, mum and dad in the morning and save the rest until after dinner. 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?There are sooo many ! Probably me and my brothers hopping into bed with mum and Del Christmas morning and opening little presents. 

4. Favourite festive food?Pigs in blankets! Hands down what I look forward to every year.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?Probably my Pandora bracelet. Shane got me this on our first Christmas and I wear it every day! 

6. Favourite Christmas scent?  Ginger bread. I only ever eat gingerbread at Christmas for some reason, so the smell of Ginger reminds me of the festive period. 

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?When I was a child, I used to leave out a glass of milk, a mince pie and carrot for when Santa came. 

8. What tops your tree?

A sparkly star 

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
A trip to Disneyland! still waiting...

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Spending time with my family, eating good food and having some time off work !

Sorry it's a short post today, time ran away with me. 

Feel free to copy the questions and do your own Christmas tag post

Kisses and love

Monday, 12 December 2016

BLOGMAS || Top 20 Christmas songs.

"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me"

Hey lovelies!
Welcome back, Christmas is just days away so I'm sharing with you my favourite Chritmas songs of all time.

20. Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you
Most peoples favourite and you can't deny it's a classic Christmas anthem. 

19. Band aid - Do they know it's Christmas?
An amazing song for an incredible cause.

18. Wham! - Last Christmas
An absolute banger at any Christmas party.

17. Justin Bieber- Mistletoe.
Because you know he had to feature in here somewhere !

16. Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas time.
Because Christmas really is a wonderful time. 

15. The nightmare before Christmas - What's this?
Not sure if this is technically a Christmas song, but I always watch this film in the holiday season so it's made the list. 

 14.Michael Buble - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
The real voice behind Christmas, and everyone's festive heart throb. 

13.Cliff Richard - Mistletoe and wine
Well.. Who doesn't love kisses and alcohol?

12. Wizzard - Christmas everyday
A true classic for Christmas morning present opening 

11. John Lennon - Happy x-mas (War is over)
Gives some perspective on a time when troops spent their Christmas fighting for our country 

10. Bill Crosby and David Bowie - Little drummer boy
How can you not love this song?

9. Slade - Merry Christmas everyone
Probably the first song played in my household on Christmas morning as a child, so many memories !

8. East 17 - Stay another day
Again, not sure this is strictly Christmas, or even if there's any mention of festivities but none the less, a great Christmas tune. Remember the really cringy video too?

7. Shakin'Stevens' - Merry Christmas, everyone.
I love dancing around to this cheesy song!

6. Michael Buble- White Christmas 
I've always wanted to wake up Christmas morning to a sheet of sparkly white snow covering everything.

5. Bill Crosby - Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! 
For exactly the same reasons as above.

4. Coldplay - Christmas lights
I absolutely love this song, Me and Shane listen to this in the car every year!

3. The pogues & Kirsty McColl - Fairtale of new york
Reminds me of my Irish Nanna jigging around after a few too many red wines.

2. Jona Lewie - Stop the cavalry 
Shane marches around the house pretending to play the trombone and it's hilarious !

1.Chris Rea- Home for Christmas
My favourite Christmas song ever. Takes me back to mine and Shane's first Christmas together, when he drove from Uni in Preston to Hertfordshire to spend it with me.

Can you see your favourite Christmas song? Let me know what it is in the comment section x

Kisses and Love

Sunday, 11 December 2016

BLOGMAS || Free from frizz - review

Hey lovelies
I'm back with another review, this time for a new brand called "Free from frizz". As the name suggests, its an anti frizz range for your hair. 
They kindly set over their "Try me kit" and i'll be sharing my thoughts with you.

What does the kit include?
In the trial size set you have a smoothie shampoo and conditioner, and once you've washed your hair there's a smoothie serum and anti frizz spray. I was worried there wasn't going to be enough product in the bottles for me to have a proper test as much hair is so long and thick but there was more than I expected.

The packaging.
The kit comes in a cute smoothie cartoon style packaging which I really liked. Enclosed were the samples and an instruction leaflet that gives you a step by step guide on how to use the products.

The shampoo and conditioner came in little bottles with a screw cap, and I really struggled to get the product out. They are really difficult to squeeze and due to the thick consistency of the product it took ages to get out the amount I needed. I would have much preferred a pump or a more flexible bottle.

The products.
I washed my hair as normal with the shampoo and conditioner and there was a lovely zesty orange smell which I found quite refreshing. The shampoo had a good lather which I liked and my hair felt clean after washing it out. The conditioner also had the orange scent and I completely covered my hair with it. After washing it out though, my hair did feel a bit weighty, if you know what I mean?

Out of the shower, I towel dried my hair as usual and combed it through. I used two pumps of the serum and rubbed it between my hands. I ran the serum through the ends and midlegth of my hair. Usually a hair serum is meant to make your hair feel silky smooth, but this one just made it feel a tad greasy which was disappointing but maybe I used to much?. I spritz over some spray and then brushed through my hair to ensure all the products were evenly distributed. 

The verdict.
I avoid using heat on my hair where possible so I let my hair dry naturally to see the finished result. Once my hair was dry it didn't feel greasy anymore and it did feel clean and soft, thank god. My natural frizz does look as if it's improved but not fully? Sadly, I didn't love this product like I was hoping to but it did help a little with taming my wild hair. Maybe I'll give it another wash and see if there's more improvement. I've attached some before and after photo's, (Sorry for these awful pictures, it' really hard to take a photo of the back of your head..)

You can purchase a set for yourself here. 



Hope you've enjoyed reading.
Thanks for being here
Kisses and Love

Saturday, 10 December 2016

BLOGMAS || £1 lashes - Do they work?

Hey lovelies 

Can you believe we're at day 10 of Blogmas already, this month is zooming by! Christmas is just over 2 weeks away, yaay !!

While I was wondering around my local Superdrug store, I spotted a new stand with lashes on, for £1, that's right, a single English pound. Naturally I picked up a fair pairs to give them a whirl and now I'm sharing with you my thoughts!

Let's start with the packaging. 
Could be better, the lashes come in a box with a window to see the lash style. Seems a bit flimsy but what more can you expect for a quid. The box is my favourite minty green colour with small white polka dots, quite cute.

Selection of lashes
There were 4-5 different styles of lashes to chose from, but for some reason the superdrug website only has 1 style. On the stand there was natural lashes, lengthy lashes and voluminous lashes so something for everyone. 

Lashes I got
I picked up two different styles, a natural pair that are quite short but have that cris cross look and a volume pair that are fairly long and thick

What's included?
Only the lashes, there is no lash glue in these packs which I kind of thought was the case, considering the price. Lucky for me I had some at home.

Fairly straight forward actually, I didn't have to trim the lashes, they seem to fit my eyes well. I added a thin layer of glue along the lash line and waited for 30 seconds before applying like I usually would. Waiting for the glue to go tacky will prevent the lashes sliding out of place.

The look.
I much preferred the natural lashes which I'm surprised at. They framed my eyes really well and didn't look too much. It was still obvious I was wearing lashes but I don't mind. The volume lashes kinda looked like I was wearing to much mascara and my lashes had clumped together. You know like that spider lash look. I just wasn't feeling it. They also felt a bit heavy on my lids?

Would I re-purchase?
I'll be stocking up on the natural lashes for sure because for £1 I actually think they're pretty good but I won't re-purchase the volume ones. Maybe I'll pick up a few more styles and see how they go.

Where can you get them?
Superdrug stores, as mentioned above not all styles of lashes are on the website so just have a look around your local superdrug next time you pop in.

Hope you've enjoyed reading up
Thanks so much for being here
You can catch up on all of my blogmas posts in the archive section right of this post 

Kisses and love 

Friday, 9 December 2016

BLOGMAS || Things that annoy me about Christmas

Hello lovelies.

I've had a look at lots of people's Blogmas planning and I haven't seen a post like this so I thought I would share with you what things I don't like about Christmas.. This post will sound a bit "Bah humbug" but please know I do actually love Christmas! 

Parking? What's that? Hate driving round and round car parks looking for an empty space, and usually the empty ones I do find aren't accessible because the idiot next to it decided to park over the lines. Sometimes it's easier getting a bus.

Waiting to be served..
Controversial because English people love queuing up apparently.. nope not me! I always get stuck behind the little old dear who wants to have a chat with the uninterested Christmas temp while she's counting her coins. 

The work Christmas party.
A forced social event in which everyone is unstably drunk. Usually ends up with tears and fights and is always awkward the following morning. I declined the offer this year, thanks, but no thanks

Countless visits to the post office 
Getting home and finding that little red card in the door is so annoying "Your item is being held at your local office and is ready to collect the next working day" 

Human bollards 
Walking down an isle and seeing people having a good old chinwag, right in the middle. Move please? This is a shop not a social club.

I hope this hasn't been too negative. There's more I love about Christmas then hate

Thanks for reading 
Kisses and Love
Jazziepickles xoxo