Sunday, 11 December 2016

BLOGMAS || Free from frizz - review

Hey lovelies
I'm back with another review, this time for a new brand called "Free from frizz". As the name suggests, its an anti frizz range for your hair. 
They kindly set over their "Try me kit" and i'll be sharing my thoughts with you.

What does the kit include?
In the trial size set you have a smoothie shampoo and conditioner, and once you've washed your hair there's a smoothie serum and anti frizz spray. I was worried there wasn't going to be enough product in the bottles for me to have a proper test as much hair is so long and thick but there was more than I expected.

The packaging.
The kit comes in a cute smoothie cartoon style packaging which I really liked. Enclosed were the samples and an instruction leaflet that gives you a step by step guide on how to use the products.

The shampoo and conditioner came in little bottles with a screw cap, and I really struggled to get the product out. They are really difficult to squeeze and due to the thick consistency of the product it took ages to get out the amount I needed. I would have much preferred a pump or a more flexible bottle.

The products.
I washed my hair as normal with the shampoo and conditioner and there was a lovely zesty orange smell which I found quite refreshing. The shampoo had a good lather which I liked and my hair felt clean after washing it out. The conditioner also had the orange scent and I completely covered my hair with it. After washing it out though, my hair did feel a bit weighty, if you know what I mean?

Out of the shower, I towel dried my hair as usual and combed it through. I used two pumps of the serum and rubbed it between my hands. I ran the serum through the ends and midlegth of my hair. Usually a hair serum is meant to make your hair feel silky smooth, but this one just made it feel a tad greasy which was disappointing but maybe I used to much?. I spritz over some spray and then brushed through my hair to ensure all the products were evenly distributed. 

The verdict.
I avoid using heat on my hair where possible so I let my hair dry naturally to see the finished result. Once my hair was dry it didn't feel greasy anymore and it did feel clean and soft, thank god. My natural frizz does look as if it's improved but not fully? Sadly, I didn't love this product like I was hoping to but it did help a little with taming my wild hair. Maybe I'll give it another wash and see if there's more improvement. I've attached some before and after photo's, (Sorry for these awful pictures, it' really hard to take a photo of the back of your head..)

You can purchase a set for yourself here. 



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  1. It definitely sounds as though the smell is amazing! Perhaps it just needs more than one wash? But a great review, lovely! I love how honest you were :) x

  2. I can see a slight difference, did you let them know your hair was thicker before acceptign for review? as the commenter above said maybe it would be better over say a two week period?
    Thanks for sharing! Thanks for being honest too!

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  4. I have really thick and frizzy hair too, and over the years I've found products that are focused on de-frizzing never really work! Instead I use shampoo & conditioners to make sure my hair is really healthy, I use a shining cream and I take a shower before bed (but let it air dry completely before I head off to bed). Sleeping on it and using those products helped get rid of the frizz for me!
    Amazing post!

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

  5. I have thick hair and recently it's become quite frizzy! Thanks for this post, I'll have to give these products a try! X

    Sophie |

  6. Informative review. I don't have a frizz issue- I have a volume issue. Maybe if you use a little less of the conditioner in the shower if will be better? I know the weighty feeling- I get it often with fine hair. I have to use really light shampoos and conditioners. Xo

  7. Love this - so fab that you're actually honest too - means that your readers actually have trust in you and your opinion! X