Wednesday, 7 December 2016

BLOGMAS || The Christmas build up

Hello lovelies ! 

The build up to Christmas is perhaps my favourite part of the whole day. Let me tell you why

Christmas shopping
I love shopping. Who doesn't? Christmas shopping is so much fun, I love weaving in and out of shops looking at all the displays and shelves filled with festive goodies. I usually have a good idea of what I'm getting everyone (Except Shane) so that makes shopping easier but I always end up buying little extra cute things I find. 

Christmas markets
Seeing all those wooden huts lined up, covered in dainty lights is something I really enjoy, it makes me feel so Christmasy and re sparks that childhood magic. At Christmas markets you can pick up some really unique gifts as a lot of things are hand made and not sold in stored. I once got a really cool candle for my mum, but getting it home without breaking it was a chore. Mulled wine, gingerbread and candy scents surround Christmas markets I've been to and its just so lovely.

Working with children
Creating little gifts, pictures and keepsakes with children is lovely. Not a day goes by in December where I don't come home covered in glitter paint and glue. Watching all the children get excited for the big day is really special, brings back memories from when I was a nipper. 

Cosy nights in watching festive films
I love getting snuggly under the blankets with Shane watching the same Christmas films each year.

My weekly shopping bill rises each December because whenever I go grocery shopping, I find things just falling into my basket "yes we do need those melt in the middle chocolate puddings, it's Christmas soon" 

Decorating the tree
One of my favourite Christmasy things to do, It doesn't feel like Christmas at home until the tree goes up. We always get into a fight with the lights and spend hours making sure all parts of the tree are covered in enough glittery baubles. 

I'm a big fan of eastenders and it isn't Christmas without a dramatic storyline, Can't wait to see what this year brings on the square.

What things do you love about the Christmas build up?


  1. Love this post - getting me feeling so festive! X

  2. Every day in the last week of school the children in my class made Christmas crafts! At least one a day! Also, Christmas shopping is the best! We don't have many Christmas markets where I live but when there is one I definitely try and go x