Tuesday, 6 December 2016

BLOGMAS || The blogger tag

Hello Lovelies! 

I've done one of these before but it didn't get much exposure as I'd just started out, So I thought I'd do another Q+A  so you can get to know me better.

Let's get started !

1) How tall are you?
Last time I got measured I was 5ft 2", but I'm sure I'm getting smaller!

2) Do you have a hidden talent?
I really wish I did :(

3) What's your blogger related pet peeve?
Probably people who join the blogging world and expect free stuff and sponsored posts! Those things are a bonus to those who work consistently hard on their blogs, if it's why you started, you should probably give up now.

4) What's your biggest non blogger related pet peeve
People who are over dramatic. Just calm down y'all!

5) What's your favourite song?
That's a tricky one, I listen to music alll the time and I love so many different genres it's really depends on my mood. I can't pick just one so i'll link some below ! 

 Jonny Craig- The garbage pail kid - Or just anything from Jonny, I find his voice to soothing, yet so empowering. 
Kenny Loggins - Footloose - From my favourite ever film, Don't tell me you don't feel happy listening to this ! 
The 1975 - The sound - I love every record this band produces but this one gets me head bopping and dancing around 
Kate Nash- Mouthwash - Whatever happened to Kate? This song is so relatable, brings back so many good memories and it used to be my ringtone in school for agessss!

6) What's your favourite social media website?
Twitter ! Although I've been on twitter for the longest time ever, I never really used it much (only for the occassional rant)  until I started blogging, and since then I've been able to connect with so many amazing people!

7) How do you like to spend your free time?
Usually watching hours and hours of youtube videos to gain inspiration, on reading up on my favourite bloggers! Most of the time I'll play call of duty with my boyfriend though, because we're just that cool okay?

8) What's your favourite junk food?
Do I only get to pick one? Hmmm
Probably Chinese takeout or anything with milk chocolate in. 

9) Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?
Anyone who knows me well know's I am a huge cat lover. I have two of my own, one black and white domestic short hair who is fat but ever so loyal and loving. His name is Doodle and I've had him for just over 4 years. My other cat is called Theo. He's ginger and white long haired and afraid of just about everything. I consider my two boys to be part of the family and I love them both so much. 

10) What are your favourite TV characters?
I don't really watch much TV, but I am a big fan of Eastenders, I watch it every night. I love drunk Phil because he's comedy gold! I'm really sad he's dying though and I hope he's not killed off, that would be tragic! 

11) What's your favourite beauty tool?
Hands down my real techniques miracle sponge! I don't know how I managed to apply base products without this. It's become a complete necessary to my makeup regime

12)  Name three Holy grail products?
MAC Studio fix fluid foundation in shade NW13 (Yes I am that pale) perfect coverage for me and is the exact match to my skin tone. Benefit roller lash mascara, because it works wonders for capturing every lash and really opening my eyes up. MAC Honey Love lipstick. Gorgeous nude shade that's so wearable and natural.

13) If you could only drink one beverage aside from water for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
A good ol' cuppa tea! Can't beat a good brew.

14)What's your favourite movie?
I mentioned this above, but Footloose! It's one of those classics I can watch over and over. The whole soundtrack brings a smile to my face and Kevin Bacon is my guilty pleasure. 

15) What was your favourite subject in school?
I had two, English and history. Those were the only two lessons I actually really enjoyed and liked to learn in. History has always fascinated me and I love visiting places that have a story behind them. I think I liked English because I was good at it, I have always loved writing.

16) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Dominican republic, I'm completely in love with that little island. I've been twice and both times never wanted to come home. I'd love to do some regeneration project over there because it's a relatively poor country that relies on tourism, it's a paradise for us but a struggle for the local communities 

17) PC or MAC?
PC, I've only ever used a MAC once and I hated it. Plus, why they so over priced?

18) Last romantic gesture from your partner?
He made me a hot water bottle because I was sick 

19) Who is your celebrity crush?
This was easy for me, Olivier Giroud (Arsenals number 12) he's a french beauty but I'm not really feeling that beard at the moment.

20) Where do you find inspiration?
Through conversation. Speaking to people always triggers little things in my mind. Other bloggers and youtubers always give me inspiration too.

21) What are your favourite blog posts to read?
I love posts that are completely honest and personal, it takes real guts to publically publish some of the things I read and I love that! I always read people's posts about feminine issues too, I find it helpful, relatable and it' always nice to know you're not alone.

22) Where do you get your cosmetics from?
Mainly Superdrug, but when I need something high end I'll go to Debenhams or John Lewis.

23) Are you in education, or do you work?
I work full time as a nursery nurse. I care for children aged between 16 months and 32 months. It's hard work, long days and you need the patients of a saint! but it's also really rewarding and fun. Up until recently I studying and working at the same time. So glad that's over and I'm now fully qualified.

24) What are you most proud of?
I find these questions really difficult because I'm so self critical. I guess I'm proud of where I am in my life now. I run a home, I work 40 hours to week to pay my bills. I'm saving really hard for a mortgage deposit and I'm in a strong happy long term relationship.

25)  Tag some bloggers to complete this questions
https://rominaslittlecorner.wordpress.com/ - Her blog makes me so hungry!
http://mecupcakesandtea.com/ One of my favourite bloggers!
http://littlebitofabbey.blogspot.co.uk/ Shes so cute and I love her content!
http://www.justaroundtheriverbend.co.uk/ I love her blog name and shes a sweetheart.


  1. I loved reading through your answers and so many of them are ridiculously relatable!! I am so excited to do this tag and answer these questions! Thank you so much lovely x

  2. Loved learning more about you! I totally agree you should blog because you love it...not only to get free stuff. The free stuff will come after you put in hard work and dedication! I LOVE Twitter too...especially Twitter chats. I also totally agree! PC all the way for me...although I am not a fan of the new Windows 10 updates haha.