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BLOGMAS || Christmas toy phases from my childhood

Hello Loveliess

As a child I used to sit for hours with the Argos catalogue and circle all the items I was hoping Santa would bring me. It was just a good way to hint to my parents really.. Some of the things are ridiculous and the phases I went through are so cringe to look back on.  I had a good old giggle when I thought about it, so I've added some of the items to this post for you all to laugh at too

The "groovy chick" phase

What the hell even was groovy chick and where did she come from? I have no idea but I was obsessed ! #Bangonthedoor (what does that even mean?) 

I had this pretty awful bedding set and the little lilac furry cushion to the right.

I also had the really super cool bag, with matching pencil case and stationary set. Clearly I was bossing it at primary school.

I always wanted the fridge and blow up chair too but apparently "Santa has run out of those" 

The "bratz" phase..

I actually think I was a bit to old for these when they came out, it seemed like nobody my age was really that bothered but I wanted them all and every damn thing that they came with. This obsession lasted quite a long time too. Was I alright !?
Yazmin was always my favourite because her name sounded like mine..

I had all four original dolls with an outfit change each, all the hair accessories and handbags too.
But it didn't stop there.. 
I had the Bratz car for them to cruise around in, oh yes I did.
Obviously I had to have the bed covers to show of at sleepovers.. 

And the unpractical school bag to be the not so envy of my friends.

I had so much more stuff from the bratz phase, it's a little embarrassing and if I included everything this post would be thousands of words long..

The "polly pocket" phase.

I remember Polly pocket being a big thing at one point, and rightly so she was pretty awesome. Us girls at school would sneak them into our bags and play during lunch time. Polly pocket came a bit of a competition, like who had the most clothes and flip up homes for her. ermm, me, I did! 

Essentially, Polly was a tiny doll that doesn't actually do a lot. She had some friends along the way, obviously I owned them all

Polly came with thousands of tiny rubber clothing that's a bit strange when you think back on it now, why were her clothes rubber, kinky mix! I seem to remember it being a real struggle to change her clothes 

The "playboy" phase..

How was that even a thing, I was completly oblivious to what playboy actually was, I just thought it was a bunny symbol. When I found out i was horrified !! What do you mean its a mansion of naked women who get there boobs out ? 

My room was totally kitted out with playboy merchandise ..
let's start with the water dispenser .. who in their right minds needs this in their bedroom, oh me apparently. This was a novelty thing and I only wanted it because everyone else had one. I don't think I even used it 

Cosmetics.. these weren't cheap either but I needed them all to look pretty for school... I wonder if there are still available to buy..

The bedding, because is it really a phase for me if I don't have the bed set? I actually think I had a couple of bed sets .. #Baller

School stationary. Problem rang alarm bells for teachers when their 12 year old students come to school with playboy stationary. Who cares it was cool right? 

The "spice girls" phase.

Are you even a 90's baby if you didn't like the spice girls. I was hooked! I remember getting my first spice doll for Christmas, My aunty took me up to London's Hamleys, the were located a few stories up and each elevator we took my excitement grew. Bit of an anticlimax when we got to where they were because almost all of them were sold out.. Scary was the only one left and she was my least favourite. Did I get her anyway, of course! 

Opening up this bad boy one Christmas was pretty special ! I think I watched it so much it the tape wore out and stopped working! I used to re-enact all the dances

And when this movie dropped it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

I was lucky enough to go see the spice girls live at Wembley with my dad. I wish I still had the ticket or something to show you, but just know it was one of my childhood highlights. 

The "Baby born" phase

Every little girl has a  baby doll at some point during their childhood, I had the baby born (Along with many others) I absolutely loved taking care of my doll and I had all the accessories to do so!

So this is the basic set that comes with the doll, but that just wasn't enough. Where would my baby sleep? And how would I take her to the shops?

But did it end there? Nope. I needed load of clothes and somewhere to change her.

The "barbie" phase.

I must have had a thousand and one different barbies at some point, I just wanted to collect them all! And when my brother was old enough barbie use to "Netflix and chill" with his action men.

This is my ultimate favourite barbie and I took a lot for me to take her out the box and actullly play with her, even though it probably cost my nanna a bomb to buy..

Obviously I needed all the accessories to play with my barbies, she did need 100 dresses and 40 pairs of shoes, she did okay !

My barbies use to travel around in style too, sometimes a car and some times with a horse and carriage, yknow as you do..

So there you have it, a snippet into all the things I loved when I was growing up. 

What toys did you get for Christmas as a child? 
I'd love to know so leave a comment down below

Hope you've enjoyed reading 

Kisses and Love

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  1. This is a lovely post, I feel as if I went through many of these phases too. I loved polly pockets they were my favorites.

  2. I think I also went through a groovey chic phase, and i know i most definitly went through the spice girls stage, as well as sclub7. Thanks so much for sharing such a warm insiteful post!

  3. I never went through the Bratz phase but I loveeeeed the Groovy Chick phase!! And I was obsessed with Barbie, I'm sure my parents still have everything in their loft.

    Katie |

    1. Yeah I'm pretty sure my parents have all my old stuff too!

  4. I feel like a non girly girl �� I had Barbie and Polly pocket but I don't have much memory of playing with them. Great post though!


  5. This is an awesome idea for a post. I giggled at the "santa had run out of those" comment. I was also into Polly Pocket! Seriously this post is great. I'm going to pin it.