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Naturelle cosmetics -Chocolate orange coffee scrub

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This week I've been testing out a chocolate orange coffee scrub from Naturelle Cosmetics so if you'd like to know my thoughts then please keep on reading.

I'll start by telling you a bit about the company. 
The brand is a family run business based in the UK that aims to provide completely natural beauty solutions across Europe. All their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free (which I love.) Ingredients used are 100% organic and paraben free. There's also a team of industry experts on hand to help you chose the right products for you.

I quite like the simplicity of the scrub packaging, its basically a resealable envelope that's foiled inside for freshness. I haven't seen packaging like this around and I love something a bit different. It's easy to store, I just keep this on top of my bathroom cabinet and it's not super bulky 

When I opened up the pack I was hit with a beautiful coffee scent that was slightly zesty and a touch chocolatey. Now I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love the smell! It's not too overwhelming but you can definitely tell it's coffee based.  

Coffee robusta seed powder, Coffee Aribica seed powder, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, ground almond seed, Orange oil, Cocoa seed butter, Organic fragrance, water.

How to use
There were no instructions included on this pack on how best to use the scrub so I kinda used trial and error and found it easier to wet my hand then dip it in the pack, the product stuck to my hand and I used that amount. I rubbed the scrub all over my body in circular motions towards the centre of my core then rinsed off with warm water. I applied the scrub all over my body, avoiding my face and intimate area's. I focused the scrub on area's I get most of my dry skin such as elbows, knees. heels and ankles

I used this scrub over a few days and I'm really impressed at how quickly I noticed the huge difference in my skins appearance.
Day one-  My skin felt a lot less flaky 
Day two- My skin felt smooth all over
Day three- My skin felt really fresh smooth and nourished.
Day six- the appearance of cellulite on my legs has hugely improved 

It's a bit messy to use in the shower and my first attempt found scrub all over my bath, apply slowly so it doesn't splash everywhere. If you're happy for your bathroom to smell like Starbucks for a few hours after then this if for you!

I've fallen in love with this product and everything the brand stands for, I'd 100% recommend this to everyone I know!

Where can I find more?
You can find the Chocolate orange scrub here, Or you can visit the Naturelle cosmetics website on the link below

Hopefully you've enjoyed this review, let me know what you'd like to see for my next post in the comment section below.

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product on a gifting basis to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Naturelle cosmetics for the collaboration opportunity.


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  2. This sounds lush! Do you know if it's ok to use with dermatitis and psoraosis? X

    1. Heyy, I can't see why not because everything is natural and organic, but I can send an email and ask for you? xx

  3. This sounds amazing. I'm adding to my list of stuff to buy next pay day!!! Thanks for sharing babe xxx

    1. No worries, they have loads of different ones for chose from, let me know how you get on :) x

  4. I looooooove coffee scrubs!! 🙌🏻 This one sounds amazing, I'll have to give it a try xx

  5. Always wanted to try this - looks amazing! Fab post sweet x

  6. ooo. I really want to give this a go!!

  7. i love the idea of these scrubs ! i have never tried this one but i am really excited to try it !

  8. I've seen these a couple of times, I'm yet to try them buut I would really love too! I love the idea of these scrubs, especially if it makes my bathroom smell like Starbucks!!

    Gemma |

  9. I've always wanted to try a coffee scrub! This one sounds super interesting with the chocolate orange scent :)

  10. This sounds amazing. Do you know if they ship worldwide?

  11. I would love to try this, and I love the smell of coffee! I just take a shower in the night so I would worry that this would keep me awake at night! haha


  12. Absolutely love coffee scrubs. I still believe they are the best! I have tried a few but not this one so whenever I'll see it I'll grab a pack to try;) x

  13. I have been wanting to get a coffee scrub! This is a great review and you've convinced me in trying and buying it. Thank you for sharing x

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