Saturday, 12 November 2016

How I saved myself an extra £2200 a year.


So, saving for a mortgage deposit really isn't easy. Me and my partner have had to make so many cut backs over the past year just to put away a little extra cash, we're only at just over half our target at the moment but we're getting there.
I've compiled some of the things I've changed that has helped me save a considerable amount of money over the year. Hopefully you pick up some great tips! Grab yourself a cuppa, this is gonna be a long one.

I cancelled my Glossybox subscription.  It wasn't a hard decision to make, I felt as the months went on the contents of my box was slacking and I wasn't 100% happy. I paid a monthly fee of £10 for the box and £3.25 for postage, totalling to £159 a year!

Running savings total: £159

I binned of spotify premium. Again, another easy decision, I can deal with listening to a few ads every now and then, and I've learnt to keep my playlists up to date so I don't need to skip songs. Spotify premium costs £10 a month, over 12 months that's £120!

Running savings total: £279

Who needs phone insurance anyway? Some would say its a bit risky, but for £10.99 a month, I was willing to take the risk, and touch wood my phones been fine. £10.99 x 12 months = £131 a year!

Running savings total: £410

Virgin media thought they were clever. Trying to up my bill to £70 a month from £40, I don't think so. I called them to cancel and they done there best to keep me. I can't justify £70 a month for internet and TV. There are much better deals out there. We cancelled and then my partner signed up with virgin as a new customer. We have exactly the same package now for a fixed rate of £30 a month. Sorry virgin media, we out done ya there! £10 cheaper a month for 12 months = £120

Running savings total: £530

Hot water bottles, not heating! I bloody hate being cold but anyone who runs there own home knows central heating costs a small fortune. The average kettle costs as little as 3p to boil and keeps my hot water bottle hot for 6 hours (Sometimes more) However central heating costs around 25p an hour. I'd usually have my heating on for 3 hours, to properly heat my flat and help dry clothes. Usually I only have my heating on between November and February, that's 120 days.
Heating for 120 days x 3 hours = £90
Hot water bottle for 120 days = 40p
I'm not saying I never have the heating on, because I do (for clothes drying purposes) probably 2 hours a week. I'm sure we can all spare £2-£3 a month for that. 
Using a hot water bottle over heating saves me around £60 a year

Running savings total: £590

Tesco vs Aldi. Changing supermarkets can be hard for some people, when you're used to buying the same things each week. We moved from Tesco to Aldi and I see no difference in the quality of food. We don't end up buying things we don't actually need and it takes half the time to do the weekly shop (BONUS!) On average we save around £10 a week on our grocery shopping!
£10 x 52 weeks =  £520

Running savings total:£ 1110

Make lunch, don't buy it! Out of pure laziness, I used to end up buying lunch everyday at work which was becoming a financial problem. I used to spend around £4 a day, just on lunch. Times that by 4 working days I needed lunch is £16 a week! Now I make lunches for me and my boyfriend, tends to consist of sandwich/wrap with crisps and chocolate bar (So healthy right?) I can make this lunch for as little as 80p a day. That's a saving £12.80 a week! Over a year it's a huge saving of £640!!! Looks like I was keeping the local co-op in business! 

Running savings total: £1750

Take away the Takeaway. My eating habits are horrendous but I love a good take away, someone else cooking my food and bringing it to my door, with NO washing up. Yesssss! But no, we probably spent £40 a month on take out food. I'd rather have an extra £480 a year, rather than a pizza and kebab each week.

Running savings total: £2230

Other ways to save money: 

  • Penny jars. I hate having change in my purse, every week I take out all my change and chuck it in a pot. I have one for copper and one for silver. Might not be much but it might come in handy for a rainy day.
  • Discount codes, vouchers. If you're an online shopper, before placing your order, have a quick search and see if there are any valid discount codes around, you could just save yourself 10% on those shoes you've wanted for ages!
  • Beauty dupes. There are so many amazing drugstore brands that do dupes of high end products we all lust for. Make up revolution have been bossing it at duping high end make up and the quality is just as good!
  • Book in advance. From hotels to rail journeys, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is!
  • Loyalty cards. Collect points in the shops you love to earn money off! I have loyalty cards for Tesco, boots and Superdrug! 
  • Charity shops. For ages I turned my nose up at charity shops, I was all "There just for poor people" and it wasn't until my mum dragged me in one I realised that wasn't the case. Yes a lot of the stuff is crap but if you hunt around you can get some nice home bits or even a new outfit. I picked up some brand new river island jeans with the label for £8! Can't go wrong really.

So there you have it guys, my secrets on how to save yourself a little extra cash! Hopefully this will help some of you in the build up to Christmas! 

Thanks for reading! 
Kisses and love

Jazziepickles xoxo

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  1. Absolutely love this! Such a fab idea and I'm sure everyone could take away tips from this! x

  2. Such an interesting idea for a post! The not buying food and making it instead would be my biggest struggle🙈😂

    1. Not buying food is the biggest struggle, but also the biggest saver!

  3. This post was SO helpful! I'll be graduating from uni soon and need to save as much as I can! I REALLY need to start making my own lunch instead of buying it! - AND cutting out takeaways! But the temptation is so hard to beat haha! Thanks for the advice :) xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  4. This is much needed at a time when I really should be saving up for my life hahaha! Amazing post, super helpful! xx

  5. I love posts like this, thanks for sharing your tips! Here's one of mine: topshop jeans and miss selfridge jeans are made in the same way in the same factory: but topshops are £40 and MS are £25. You're welcome ;) xo

  6. Such a helpful post! Thanks for sharing :)