Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Pandora charm collection

My Pandora charm collection..

The first Christmas with my lovely boyfriend Shane, he kindly got me a Pandora bracelet! 
It's a sterling silver barrel clasp bracelet with two spacers. My bracelet is probably the most sentimental piece of Jewellery I own because of the charm collection I've built up over the years. 
Once my bracelet was completely full, Shane was kind enough to get me the Pandora bangle to continue my collection.

I'm going to tell you a little story about each charm and why I have it. 
Let's start with my bagel because they're my most recent charms. 

Obviously, because my name is Jasmine
Shane suprised me with this on holiday in Dominican. It was my 22nd birthday and I was lucky enough to swim with dolphins.
I got this when we went to Cologne for new years 2014? The detail of the passport book has rubbed off over time, which I'm not overly happy about..
I'm a princess, what more is there to it?
Shane got me this when he went to Dublin, reminds me of my Irish roots
Shane booked a suprise trip away for my 21st birthday to Barcelona (Which is an incredible city btw) and we visited La Sagrada Familia. This charm gets caught on everything.
Mumma got me this for christmas one year because, when I was a child my parents called me "Mushroom" (My dad still does) And I love mystical fairies
Guilty of being a crazy cat lady. I've got two fluffy feline friends and I love them ALOT.
Shane got me this, just because he loves me :) 

Again, I love my two cats so this is so perfect for me. Shane knows me so well.
Bag charm
When I had spare money, I used to shop a lot! So it was very fitting.
Cupcake charm
Mum got me this because I Love to bake, and I love cake.
Bow charm
I had an obsession with anything that had bows on so mum got me this for a birthday a few years ago.
Openwork butterly charm
I love how pretty butterflies are! I can't remember who got me this and why.
Openwork heart charm
My aunty Sam got me this for my 21st birthday

After trying to find links to the rest of my charms, I came to realise that most of the ones on here have been discontinued.. I've linked them anyway just so you can see a clearer image. Some of the charms I couldn't even find.. sorry! 

Ladybird charm DISCONTINUED.
I'm not sure why Shane got me this, but it's cute.
Waving cat charm DISCONTINUED.
Basically, I just am a crazy cat lady.
21st Birthday charm DISCONTINUED,
Mum got me this for my 21st.
Sweet pea flower charm DISCONTINUED.
I got myself this one when I was feeling flush, because it's pretty.
Sparkling heart charm DISCONTINUED.
Another charm I bought myself.
Snowflake charm DISCONTINUED
I loved this one, Shane got me it for Christmas. I'm sad they don't sell it anymore.

Hope you've enjoyed reading all about my Pandora bracelets and charms.
What Jewellery do you have that holds sentiment to you?

Kisses and Love


  1. You have so many pretty charms! The Hearts Tiara Pendant Charm is definitely my favourite though.

    1. Thank you ! I love the tiara too ! I just need the matching ring now haha
      Thanks for reading x

  2. Love all your charms. xx


  3. Your charm collection is lovely, I love that each charm has a meaning to you as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog