Saturday, 19 November 2016

What's in my bag?

Hello my lovelies

I've seen this tag floating around for a while and I thought it would be fun to have a go. I love being nosy and finding out what other people carry around with them and it's nice to know it's not just me who has a bag full of receipts. 

So the bag I use day to day was a Christmas gift from my dad. It's from river island. It's a cream and black leather feel bag with magnetic poppers and two tassels. There's a long strap to carry the bag on your shoulder and a shorter handle for holding in your hand. Inside there's a zipper pocket and two little pouches. 

Let's start with the obvious everyday items. 

My phone. 
I have the Sony Xperia Z3 at the moment, I've had it for about 18 months and it's still in perfect condition. I'm constantly on my phone when I'm not working and whenever I don't have it with me, I feel a bit lost.

I can't remember where I got my purse, I've had it years. It's cream with pink polka dots, has a large zip compartment for change and loads of slots for cards. My purse is usually filled with copper coins, credit cards and loyalty points cards for Boots and Superdrug.

Car key, house key, keys for mums, and a picture of when my little brother way born.

Make up.
I keep my maybelline lash sensational mascara in my bag, my fit me pressed powder, the lip stick of the day and some vasaline. Just in case I need a little touch up. If I'm wearing false lashes, I'll carry lash glue with me too. 

Tampons, pads and spare undies.
When mother nature unexpected decides to make an appearance it's important to be prepared! Nothing worse than being caught and having to dash home or to the nearest shops. It's always handy to have, just in case!

Notepad + pens
Essential for jotting down reminders, lists and blog ideas. I got mine from Wilko's. It has a pretty little design and it fits in my bag perfectly.

A must have for anyone who works in childcare. It's nice to know you have something to take the edge of a pounding headache or lady cramps. 

In case I need a little freshen up during the day.

A chocolate brownie
Snacks make me happy and I love brownies!
(No photo because i ate it, ooppps!)

I'm not sure why there are socks in my bag but there are..

That's everything in my bag guys, thanks for reading.

Kisses and love

Where to find me?


  1. Your bag is so pretty! Also, everyone needs a chocolate brownie in there bag because you just never know when you'll need one.

    Eleanor -

  2. I love seeing these posts, I'm so nosy I think it brings out my inner nosy neighbour. Props on being so organised I never have tampons on me even though it happens every month 😂.

    Cat X
    My week in pictures – Lady Law Student