Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Daily skin care routine | Jazziepickles

Hello my lovelies 

After running a twitter pole on what posts you'd like to see, my skincare routine was a favourite.

My skincare routine is pretty basic and affordable, I don't really have problem skin but I am experiancing a transition from dry/normal to slightly more oily, so I have had to change some of the products I use recently. 

In the shower: 
I only really use one product in the shower, and that is my Garnier fresh clarifying wash (Shine be gone!) It claims to refresh and purify pores, and that it does. I always feel more awake when I use this and my skin feels clean and fresh, ready for the day. Since I have been using this I have also noticed a significant drop in blackheads and spots. The product has a really fresh scent and lathers slightly on the face when rubbed in. I leave the lather on my face for about 20 seconds then i rinse off. 

Once I'm finished in the shower I use the rest of the products pictured above. 
I start by splashing some Garnier micellar water on a baby wipe or cotton pad and  remove any make up left on my face. This gentle cleansing water is perfect to remove product build up or any scrap of makeup left. I find it really soothing on my skin and it really works for me. I constantly repurchase this. 

I then tone my skin using simple soothing facial toner. I find this tightens my skin, closing pores and making my face feel nice and smooth. The product also reduces any redness. Following the toner I apply a generous amount of simples hydrating light moisturiser. I just use my hands to softly pat it all over my skin. I like moistuerisers that aren't so heavy on my skin and takes ages to soak in so this is perfect. 

That's pretty much my skincare routine day to day but if I feel my skin needs a little extra something i use these two products 

The Etre belle under eye roller is an absolute godsend if I'm looking tired or poorly, it cools and soothes my whole undereye and just makes me look more awake and alive. I reduces any of my dark circles and feels incredible. Lastly i recieved a sample from the body shop of their oils for life facial oil and it works miracles if my skin is dry and dehydrated. It just replenishes all the goodness in my skin and makes it super soft and without feeling greasy. It has a little dropper applicater and i use two or three drops, rub between my fingers and apply to the area's that need it. Once my sample has run out I will be popping into the body shop to get a full size (Especially now winter is nearing, my skin doesn't cope well with cold temperatures) 

So, that's all from me for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my skin care routine. Let me know if you have any favourite skin care product I should try. 

Kisses and love
Jazziepickles xox


  1. I used to use the Garnier stuff every single day too but then found out they are tested on and contain animals so stopped using them. I have been using the Simple toner though and love it so much! 💋💕

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

  2. Oh I didn't realise that was the case? Gonna have to rethink that and find something cruelty free! What do you use now? X

  3. Oh I didn't realise that was the case? Gonna have to rethink that and find something cruelty free! What do you use now? X