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Hair journey and current care routine. | Jazziepickles

Hello my lovelies
Today I will be sharing with you my hair care routine and a little back story about my hair.

So from the age of around 12 I have always been interested in experimenting with my hair, different styles, cuts and COLOURS. I have had so many colours in my hair it became ridiculous. Remember the song McFly came out with about the girl with 5 colours in her hair, yep, pretty sure that was about me. ANYWAY.. my hair has endured a lot of harmful chemicals from bleach and dye and colour strippers and was further damaged from the excessive heat used to style my hair.  
I've pictured below (Reluctantly) some of the colours I've had my hair. 

Dark red (Age 16)

Black and pink with racoon tails (Age 15 emo days)

Black with red flash in fringe (To match my prom dress, age 16)

All black everythinnnnng (Age 13, LOL)

Vibrent red (Age 15)

burgundy red (Age 17)

Bubble gum pink (Age 18,WHYYY)

Cyber purple (Age 19)

Now the jokes over, let me tell you about the texture of my hair. I've always had VERY thick hair. The kinda thick hair that is almost uncontrollable and takes hours to colour, dry and style. When I was transitioning from colour to colour and damaging my hair beyond belief I wanted it to grow, really long. But that never happened because I reached a point where my hair was so dry and brittle it just snapped off and began to fall out. I knew then it was time to stop colouring and heat damaging my hair. 

So, age 20 I coloured my hair back to brown, not to different to my natural colour. I knew this was maintainable with minimal effort because my roots grew back without ever noticing. I had extensions put in my hair so it didn't look to short and awful when it snapped and fell out. I didn't colour my hair for TWO years, I let it grow. I let my hair breathe. I had regular hair cuts (Every 6-8 weeks) and my hairdresser suggested that I only wash my hair once or twice a week, Why? because the natural oils your hair makes will help make it healthy again. It was that or have the whole lot cut of and start again. I wasn't prepared for that because I always dreamed of beautiful long lock. 
So, I took the advice from my hairdresser and began to notice a difference in a matter of weeks. My  hair finally grew and it was massively healthier. 

To this day, I still only wash my hair twice a week because I'm terrified of the frizzy dry mess that my hair once was and I never want it back. I hardly ever touch my hair with heat, unless I'm going "out out" and I use products I know work for my hair. 
Let's talk about these products. 

I wash my hair twice a week with the L'Oreal elvive nutrigloss shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo my hair to a big bubbly lather, making sure I scrub from root to tip. I massage my scalp to clean out the dirt and dry skin. I then condition my hair with a generous amount. I put a small minimal amount around my roots and scalp area and smother the rest, right to the ends. I leave my conditioner on for around 5-10 minuets and rinse off.

 I will then put some pure coconut oil on the mid lengths and ends of my hair, just a small amount to prevent it being weighed down and heavy. I got my coconut oil on when I went on holiday to the Dominican republic in may and i still have LOADS left. I'll leave the oil on for a few minuets and rinse well. My hair now feels silky smooth, clean, and smells incredible, like holidays. 
Once a week I use the Aussie 3 minuet miracle treatment on my hair. I buy the little sachets rather than the big bottle so I don't over use it as too much weighs down my hair. I completely cover my hair with this, root to tip. Leave for 3 minuets (Hence the name) and rinse off. 
THEN, I bravely rinse my hair with cool/cold water. My hairdresser told my this will help strengthen the hair again. 

When I get out the shower, I spritz the L'Oreal conditioning shine spray ALL over my hair, like I really go to town with this stuff. I believe it's been discontinued but my boyfriend kindly ordered me a box of 6 from Amazon that will last me all year. This spray is insane and works so well with my hair. It makes my hair feel super super soft and glossy without the weight and no matter how much I use my hair doesn't look greasy. 

I don't usually blow dry my hair, unless I've had it cut at the salon or I'm going out out, but I very recently got a full fringe and I've found I have to blow dry it down at the moment because it wont dry the right way if I leave it. 
The rest of my hair I towel dry and put into two braids to dry naturally. I braid my hair to stop it drying frizzy and I end up with soft waves as a result. 

Since I've stopped the crazy hair colours and heat on my hair, it's grown so fast, it almost touches my bottom and it feels and looks a thousand times better. 

I hope this post has helped anyone who has experienced the same hair problems as me and if you have any suggestions to products I can use let me know in the comment section 

Thanks for being here. 
Kisses and hugs
Jazziepickles xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.


  1. Wow ! I've never colored my hair before. I like my natural color. I'm happy that your hair isn't that damaged anymore :)

    1. If your happy with your natural colour I wouldn't recommend changing it, It's not worth the hassle.

      Thanks for reading xoxo

  2. This was a great post! I love how knowledgeable you are about the health of your hair. I went through that same stage so my hair has seen better days! I have mine red at the moment. Not crazy. But keeping up with trim is definitely important. Thanks for sharing xo


  3. I have changed my hair SO MANY TIMES too babe so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one haha! I love the pink hair on you 💋💕

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

    1. The pink hair was a crazy time, I was feeling rebellious. Maybe like a late teen crisis, who knows !

      Thanks for reading xoxo