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10 Step easy make up look.

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Today I'll be showing you the products and tools I use when creating my everyday make up look. I wear this for work or a quick trip to the shops. Nothing fancy or time consuming.

STEP ONE:  Skin preparation.
I always find my make up applies easier and stays put when I properly prep my face. In the shower I'll clean and cleanse my skin, removing and dirt and make up. Then I'll exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells. 
Once out the shower I will moisturise my skin and leave it to soak in before adding any cosmetic products. 

STEP TWO: Prime!  
I can't stress enough the importance of priming your face before applying your base. A good primer will fill in any fine lines, pores and acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation. I personally like to use the smashbox photo finish foundation finish light. It's oil free and and works incredibly well for smoothing over my face. Usually I'll apply my primer with my fingers and make sure I cover all my problem area's. 

STEP THREE: Foundation
For everyday wear I love the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade Natural Ivory. I always struggle to find a drugstore foundation that is light enough for my pale skin, this one comes pretty close. I use a damp real techniques miracle sponge and bounce that around my face evenly,  blending down into my neck.
(Excuse my dirty sponge)

STEP FOUR: Concealer
Currently, I'm obsessed with the collection lasting perfection concealer in the colour Fair 1, the coverage is amazing and it doesn't crease. To apply my concealer I make a triangle under my eyes to brighten them up, a small line down my nose, a cross on my chin and forehead then add a small amount to any blemishes or imperfections I want to cover. Going in with my damp sponge again I hop it around the area's until blended.

My powder of choice is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Peach Glow. I've used this powder since I was a little teeny bopper and I still love how it sets my make up for hours and stops my skin from looking shiny! Using a big make up revolution powder brush I add a light layer of powder all over my face to set the base make up.

STEP SIX: Contour, blush, highlight.
To contour, I use the Make up revolution sculpt and contour kit in CO1. I swirl around and pick up a small around of product on a angled contour brush. Sucking in my cheeks I find the area under my cheek bones and apply the contour colour in one swift sweep. Tap off any excess product and then use small circle motions to blend out the harsh line. 
For blush I use the same palette and a similar brush. Do a big cheesy grin and find the apples of your cheeks, then apply your blusher. Blend your blush well to avoid the clown look. 
To highlight I use a small fluffy brush and pick up a little bit of the highlighter shade then use small back and forward motions over the tops of my cheek bones, blending evenly. 
If you use the contour kit mentioned above, note that a little product goes a long way. The powders are really pigmented so you don't need to add much.

STEP SEVEN: Eye shadow.
In the morning I don't have time for a fancy 10 colour eye look, I literally use one shade in my crease using a small fluffy brush. Usually a light brown shade to add some definition and colour to my eyes. Starting from the outter corner, I pop on my shadow and blend towards the middle of my eye, only in the crease. Easy as that!

Since having a full fringe that completely covers my brows I'm guilty of neglecting them. But when I feel like doing them I use a tiny angle brow brush and a brow powder from freedom. I outline my brows and fill them. I like my brows to start light then go darker and more defined so the duo powder from freedom is great for that.

STEP NINE: Mascara + Liner.
In my opinion, benefit do the best mascaras on the market. My two favorites are "They're real" and "roller lash" They give my lashes length and volume. I start by curling my lashes, gently pressing the curler for a few seconds then apply your mascara straight away to keep the curl. Try and get the wand as close to the start of your lash as possible and wiggle up and out to create beautifully long curly lashes. I have really long lower lashes so I usually just touch the lashes with the wand and that's enough.
My favourite eyeliner of all time is the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Black. Another product I've used for years! All I do is a simple line across my lash line, starting thin using the point of the applicater and getting thicker towards the end of my lash line. No wing, no fuss.

For an everyday look you can't go wrong with a nude lip. My collection is full of different nude colours but my personal favourite is "honey love" from MAC. It' a light subtle nude colour, perfect for everyday wear and lasts for ages!  I just apply a thin layer coating my lips and outlining the shape.

.. And there we have it. My Ten step easy make up tutorial. I hope you found this useful, let me know if you've tried any products mentioned above.

Kisses and love

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