Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask | Review

Hello my lovelies !

Lately my skin type has been all over the place, it went from dry, to oily and now back to dry. I think the colder weather is having an impact on my skin so it's time to up my skin care game. 

I looked around for ages at hydrating products to help improve my skin and came across a ton of reviews on the garnier tissue bomb mask, so I picked two up and gave them a good old go. 
If you wanna know more, read on.

STEP ONE: Clean and cleanse your skin. It's important to have a completely bare face in order to soak in all that serum !
STEP TWO: Carefully open the foil and remove the mask, place the mask over your face, being careful not to get product in your eyes. Ensure the blue side is face up! 
STEP THREE: Once you're happy with the position of the mask, peel off the top blue layer, exposing the tissue mask. 
STEP FOUR: Adjust the mask to the natural contours of your face. Make sure all your skin is covered.
STEP FIVE: Leave the mask to work it's magic for at least 15 mins. 
STEP SIX: When you're doing, gently peel off the mask and dispose. After you've taken off the mask, there will be some left over product on your face, I left this to soak in for another ten mins then gently patted off any excess. 

Easy Peasy Right? And ohh, so attactive...

REVIEW: Can't help but run my fingers along my face because it's so soft and smooth. For the first time in ages, my skin actually feels refreshed. The mask has no obvious scent which is a plus for me. The mask is suitable for all skin types, dehydrated and dry skin mainly. I found it super easy to apply and fold to fit my face and it didn't slide off when I sat upright. Although it doesn't look so great once it's on, its worth the 15 minuets of looking silly. This mask worked really well for me and I will continue using this to boost my skins hydration.

WAS IT EASY TO USE? 100% so quick and easy to apply, no mess no fuss!
WOULD I USE THIS AGAIN? Over and over again! 
LETS TALK PACKAGING? Light weight, sleek foil packaging. 
EXPENSIVE? Not at all ! I found this in Superdrug on offer for 99p (RRP £1.49)
DID IT WORK? YES! My skin felt, soft smooth and HYDRATED ! 
WHERE CAN I GET THIS? Buy the Tissue bomb here.

Thank you for reading!
I hope you've enjoyed my review
Hugs and love,
Jazziepickles xoxo

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. This product was not gifted to me and  all thought's and opinions are my own. Photo's featured on this blog are taken and published by myself.

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  1. Looks like I may have to give this a try! Sheet masks make my skin feel so healthy and this one looks great!

    Gabija |

    1. You need to give this a try! It's amazing and so so affordable!