Sunday, 23 October 2016

Top 5 Favourite mascara's

Hello my lovelies 

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 mascara's and how I achieve lovely long lashes. Mascara can really finishes off an eye look you've spent ages doing so choosing the right one for you is important.

Before applying any mascara, I always curl my lashes, I find it really lengthens them and opens up my eyes more.
TIP: Heat your lash curlers up with a quick blast of the hairdryer to keep your curl longer!

I'm going to start with the most affordable of the bunch and an absolute bargain for all those on a budget. 

Make up revolution Amazing curl mascara "Black"- £2!

This mascara gives a really natural finish to my lashes but still gives me length! It's really handy if I'm not feeling to much drama on my eyes and just want some subtle definition and length. The wand is curved to catch every lash and separate them beautifully.
I must say it's not the most long lasting mascara but I don't find it crumbles or flakes during the day which is also a bonus. Nothing worse than mascara flakes over your face!

Maybelline lash sensational mascara "Intense black" - £7.99

A few months ago I read a lot of reviews on this mascara and saw it featured in a lot of my favourite youtuber videos so I thought I'd pick one up and see if it was worth the hype. Within first use I was obsessed! This mascara gave the false lash effect, length and volume I always wanted! Another curved wand to easily coat every lash. It was so easy to apply, dried quickly and lasted alllll day and night! 
I heard this mascara was a dupe for the benefit roller lash but in my opinion the formulas are completely different.
I can't recommend this mascara enough, it's such a good product! A real drugstore gem,  I use this daily and re-purchase over and over again.

MAC zoom lash "Black" -£15

To begin with I HATED this mascara,  I was so disappointed when I tested it out, I didn't like the formula and it did nothing to my lashes but clump them together at the base. It sat in my collection for months, unloved and unused. One day I was rushing to get ready and picked up any mascara I could find, just so happened to be the zoom lash. I coated my lashed from root to tip and the results where completely different I had to have another look to make sure it was zoom lash.  My lashes had drama, full volume and length that almost reached my brows! I was so shocked. 
Since then I've been reaching for this a lot more when I want a little extra something! 

Benefit they're real Mascara "Black" - £19.50

This was my favourite 'go to' mascara for so many years! I fell in love with how it made my lashes look. Whenever I wore it, people would always question what mascara it was and compliment how wispy and fluttery my lashes were. It gave me super dramatic length and lasted morning to night. The wand has little plastic bristles that capture even the tiniest lashes, giving them a really boost! The tip of the wand is domed too, so you can fan out the outer longer lashes for extra "ooomph" 
Slightly pricer than the other mascara's mentioned but definitely worth every penny !
TIP: Use an oil based cleanser to remove, because it's so long lasting it's a pain to get off!

Benefit Roller lash "black" - £19.50

Currently my favourite mascara, I picked one of these up at the airport back in April and I've been obsessed ever since! Another curved wand (Can you tell there my favourite) with longer plastic bristles on one side and shorter on the other. This wand picks up lashes I didn't even know I had.
Sometimes I don't even remember I have this mascara on because it's super light weight and doesn't leave my lashes feeling dry and hard. There's a few cool ingredients in the formula like provitamin B5 and serin which are known for lash conditioning benefits. 
If I had to use a mascara for the rest of my life I'd chose this. I'm so obsessed and if you haven't tried it, you're missing out! 

That's all for now, I hope you've enjoyed reading.
What is your 'Go To' Mascara?

Kisses and Love
Jazziepickles xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own and every product mentioned was purchased with my own money. 


  1. They're real and roller lash are my faves -can't decide which I love more! x

    1. Guess it depends on the look you're going for :)

      Thanks for reading x

  2. The lash sensational mascara changed my life! I haven't used anything since buying it almost 2 years ago! I found the intense black wand harder to use though, so went back to the other wand!