Sunday, 9 October 2016

Shadow Switch Review | Jazziepickles

Hello my lovelies.
Today's post is going to be a little review on a beauty tool I was kindly gifted from the guys at Beauty Essentials UK . It's the "Shadow switch", a dry brush cleaner that allows you to mix and match different powder products and use the same brush. Pretty impressive right?

So above, you can see the product and a few of my eye brushes from the brand Royal and Lang-nickle which I bought from hooked up.

First impressions: So when the postman rammed this little package in my letterbox I was so excited to see how it worked and give it a go. First thing I noticed was how lightweight it is, it weighs practically nothing. Once opened I was surprised at just how simple it was, essentially it's just a soft mesh like sponge in a tin. Sceptical was an understatement. 

First use: I used two fluffy brushes to test the product. Swirling my brushes into two different shadows, I blended onto the back on my hand. To start I used a really light brown shade. Then I pressed the fluffy brush hairs into the sponge and swirled my brush for around 15 seconds. I could see the product left on the sponge and my brush hairs had stained BUT there was no excess brown shadow on my brush. I tested on the back of my other hand to see if any colour came off, there was none. Repeating the same process I used a smokey dark grey, swirled my brush around in the shadow switch then picked up a really light grey colour. There was absolutely no dark product left on my brush. 

Would I use this product: 100% ! It's such a simple yet effective way of cleaning your brush when creating eye looks. The tin is super light weight so easy for traveling and on the go for any touch ups, and its pretty compact so easy to store. I love that I can now use the same brush with different shades without the hassle of a proper clean and dry (We all hate that right?) 

Would I recommend this product? Definitely. I can see it being a really handy little tool to have and perfect for professional MUA's. 

Is the Shadow Switch expensive, and where can I buy one? Currently, the Shadow Switch is available to purchase on Amazon for a very good price point of £5.99! They'll soon be available on Sephora. 

THINGS TO NOTE: Beauty essentials are in the process of repackaging a lot of their products for launch. The shadow switch I've been sent is in the old packaging. I've attached a photo below of what the shadow switch will look like for the new launch. Same great product, just in a new packaging. 

DISCLAIMER: This product was kindly gifted to me in return for review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I just received this too its really good isn't it!

  2. this looks like a great product! :) i must say i hate washing my brushes so anything that makes it easier/quicker is great! XX

    1. Certainly makes it quicker and easier would look in to it x

    2. Certainly makes it quicker and easier would look in to it x

  3. I have seen so many people reviewing this and they all seem to love it so I should look into it haha!