Saturday, 10 December 2016

BLOGMAS || £1 lashes - Do they work?

Hey lovelies 

Can you believe we're at day 10 of Blogmas already, this month is zooming by! Christmas is just over 2 weeks away, yaay !!

While I was wondering around my local Superdrug store, I spotted a new stand with lashes on, for £1, that's right, a single English pound. Naturally I picked up a fair pairs to give them a whirl and now I'm sharing with you my thoughts!

Let's start with the packaging. 
Could be better, the lashes come in a box with a window to see the lash style. Seems a bit flimsy but what more can you expect for a quid. The box is my favourite minty green colour with small white polka dots, quite cute.

Selection of lashes
There were 4-5 different styles of lashes to chose from, but for some reason the superdrug website only has 1 style. On the stand there was natural lashes, lengthy lashes and voluminous lashes so something for everyone. 

Lashes I got
I picked up two different styles, a natural pair that are quite short but have that cris cross look and a volume pair that are fairly long and thick

What's included?
Only the lashes, there is no lash glue in these packs which I kind of thought was the case, considering the price. Lucky for me I had some at home.

Fairly straight forward actually, I didn't have to trim the lashes, they seem to fit my eyes well. I added a thin layer of glue along the lash line and waited for 30 seconds before applying like I usually would. Waiting for the glue to go tacky will prevent the lashes sliding out of place.

The look.
I much preferred the natural lashes which I'm surprised at. They framed my eyes really well and didn't look too much. It was still obvious I was wearing lashes but I don't mind. The volume lashes kinda looked like I was wearing to much mascara and my lashes had clumped together. You know like that spider lash look. I just wasn't feeling it. They also felt a bit heavy on my lids?

Would I re-purchase?
I'll be stocking up on the natural lashes for sure because for £1 I actually think they're pretty good but I won't re-purchase the volume ones. Maybe I'll pick up a few more styles and see how they go.

Where can you get them?
Superdrug stores, as mentioned above not all styles of lashes are on the website so just have a look around your local superdrug next time you pop in.

Hope you've enjoyed reading up
Thanks so much for being here
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  1. Ah I wish could find these for this price where I live! I would definitely pick up some pairs! Please show us what they look like on! Your descriptions were lovely!

  2. I wish they sold these in the Superdrug near me :( I love lashes but I hate spending a lot on them

  3. They look beautiful! Unfortunately in my country this brand is not available

  4. Sounds like the natural looking lashes were a hit, glad that you got great value for you're money and that you'll be repurchasing 😊

  5. Such a great post, always happy in finding new products for great prices!

    shelley xoxo

  6. The natural ones do look cute, wish you posted a photo of you wearing them :) is the lash band easily bendable and flexible? That's my only concern when buying cheap falsies.

  7. I love the VOLUME lashes, I need some like these right now <3